West of Eden is releasing its ninth album West of Eden has collaborated with some of the best British musicians in their ninth album Flat Earth Society, released on February 22.

It was in Beijing, China, during the West of Eden’s anniversary tour 2017 that the first songs of the Flat Earth Society were written and the plans were withdrawn.

Why not unpack the instruments and travel around Scotland and England to record the next album with some of the best folk musicians in the UK? So it got to be! For over a week last summer, the West of Eden went on a Road Trip where they recorded music in everything from Whiskey distilleries to churches along with eg.

John McCusker, Heidi Talbot, Damien O´Kane and BBC Folk Musician of the Year, Jarlath Henderson. “When we sat there in the tour bus, we often felt like members of a very own and strange company, a little out of touch with time. Whatever new findings and what’s hot and what’s note, we continue with a fool’s stubbornness writing our songs and dragging around acoustic guitars, accordions and violets, ”says Martin Schaub. “We are The Flat Earth Society”

17 songs were recorded, of which 12 ended up on the West of Eden’s ninth studio album. A collection of songs beginning with the title track’s lament of lost love and continuing into the folk-rocket The Dwindling of the Day to keep the memory of someone no longer there.

Of course, everything is not despair; Horsehoofs & Primroses promises us a new beginning, and in the first race Old Miss Partridge, if you didn’t know better, think that Jenny and Heidi Talbot have stumbled across an old classic British folk song.

The record ends with the instrumental Rowbotham’s Map, where Swedish and Scottish folk music is given together. Lars violin meets the newest member Hennings Knopfler-influenced electric guitar. Everything recorded live in The Old Laundry overlooking Lake Glenfinnan.

Then we packed together the instruments and went home with the bags full of memories, meetings and the songs that became Flat Earth Society The album The Flat Earth Society is released February 22.


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