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We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil our third release in the transformative journey of #TheSecondOneRedux: “Finally Fair and Balanced.” This track not only showcases the sensational vocals of Bill Champlin from Chicago but also highlights the masterful bass work of Lars-Erik Dahle, adding a layer of musical brilliance to our ongoing saga.

As we continue navigating the realms of rediscovering ‘The Second One’ and ‘The Second Seconds’ EP, “Finally Fair and Balanced” stands as a testament to our dedication to revitalizing every note and lyric.

Just like its predecessors, this song has undergone a metamorphosis, embracing its original vision with a newfound vibrancy. We’re incredibly excited to present this rejuvenated rendition as we inch closer to the complete album release.

Your unwavering support and feedback have been the guiding light through this musical renaissance. Join us in experiencing “Finally Fair and Balanced.” Immerse yourself in its melodies and share your thoughts with us.

Stay tuned for more releases as we journey together towards the grand culmination of #TheSecondOneRedux!

Warmest regards,
Daniel Andersson, Stefan Olofsson, and the entire STATE COWS family

Written by Daniel Andersson and Stefan Olofsson
Produced and arranged by Stefan Olofsson and Daniel Andersson
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Olofsson

Daniel Andersson – vocals, guitars, guitar solo
Stefan Olofsson – keyboards, synth bass
Peter Olofsson – drums
Bill Champlin – vocals
Lars-Erik Dahle – bass
Mikael Emsing – percussion

By Published On: januar 5, 2024Categories: Artist News, In Focus, New Releases

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