John Waldo “Fee” Waybill, is the lead singer and songwriter of San Francisco band The Tubes. Waybill has also worked with other acts, including Toto, Richard Marx, and Billy Sherwood.

Waybill, along with the Tubes, appeared in Robert Greenwald’s Xanadu (1980), and Lou Adler’s Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains (1982). In the latter film, he played the character Lou Corpse, the washed-up frontman of a band called the Metal Corpses. In 1984, a year after the Tubes released one of their most successful albums, Waybill released his first solo album called Read My Lips. In 1996, Waybill released another album called Don’t Be Scared By These Hands.

With the Tubes, Waybill would perform as crippled Nazi Dr. Strangekiss, country singer Hugh Heifer, glam rocker Quay Lewd, and punk parody Johnny Bugger.

During the early 1980s, Waybill appeared as himself on a short-lived television program called Rock ‘N’ America, usually performing as a street reporter who annoyed pedestrians with nonsensical interviews.

He also made a cameo in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as one of “The Three Most Important People in the World”, and in one of the “Fishin’ Musician” skits on Second City TV.

In addition to his work with the Tubes, Waybill now works as a record producer. He was the producer for a number of pop music artists, including Bryan Adams and singer-songwriter Richard Marx.


Fee Waybill Rides Again

FW Records 2020

Tracks: Faker, How Dare You, Don't Want To Pull The Trigger, Say Goodbye, Promise Land, Man Of The World, Still You On The Inside, Woulda Coulda Shoulda & Meant To Be Alone.

Musicians on the Fee Waybill Rides Again album: Fee Waybill, Jason Blynn, Whynot Jansveld, Brandon Marx, Brian Griffin, Josh Freese, Matthew Scannell & Michael Landau.

Don´t Be Scared By These Hands

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: I Know You, Tall Dark And Harmless, Shut Up And Love Me, Swing Of Things, Fools Cry, Surprise Yourself, i´ve Seen This Movie Before, Dying Of Delight, What´s Wrong With That & Somewhere Deep Inside.

Musicians on the Don´t Be Scared By These Hands album: Fee Waybill, Richard Marx, Steve Lukather, Ecurb Stiag, Cynthia Rhodes, Bruce Gaitsch, Mario Puzo, Rich Mann, George Bailey, Tommy Denander, Randy Jackson, Jonathan Moffet & Jamie Jazz.

Read My Lips

Capitol Records 1984

Tracks: You're Still Laughing, Nobody's Perfect, Who Loves You Baby, I Don't Even Know Your Name (Passion Play), Who Said Life Would Be Pretty, Thrill Of The Kill, Saved My Life, Caribbean Sunsets, Star Of The Show & I Could've Been Somebody.

Musicians on the Read My Lips album: Fee Waybill, Larry Klein, Jerry Marotta, Michael Landau, Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, David Foster and others.