“Anything can happen. No one can predict life, which, as you know, can swiftly change course. But one thing is certain, whatever happens during the year, it will definitely affect my songwriting and the forthcoming numbers for the EPs, “says Rebekka Thornbech.

The project consists of four EP releases, one for each season.

The young songwriter and country singer, Rebekka Thornbech, is now ready with the EP Fall, the third and penultimate chapter of the A Year in the Life project, a collection of four EPs – one for each season in 2018. Fall shines sharply on the melancholic autumn, when time goes a little slower than in the past summer.

The sun is getting colder and the trees are slowly becoming naked. Thus, Rebekka Thornbech also opens its EP with big chords that soon become cloudy. Summer will be in autumn. Accompanied by a deep cello, the music warns darker times on the opening number “One More Breath”, which is about to surrender powerlessly to the cold days of the day.

The mood continues on the EP’s second issue “Halfway Home”, which has turned up the “Americana” style with a dark acoustic guitar rifle, a hard-wearing big drum and flammable flap of two and four. The theme of the song follows the theme of “One More Breath”, where the narrator is now on his way home after giving up the journey to the world.

Although the expression and the theme of the song immediately appear distorted, the number is not without hope. “Fingers crossed, that this wanderlust / will find the winding road back home again” sings Rebekka Thornbech in the song’s second verse. Life is constantly evolving like the seasons, and maybe the trip home is just a necessary part of the bigger journey…

The little seed of hope that is being planted at the end of the “Halfway Home” becomes a big hopeful tree on the single and last song of the EP “The Circle”. The song is musical as well as the thematic recognition that autumn contains a beauty that is reflected in time, rather than trying to hold onto something that can not last forever. “Sunburnt leaves are falling / covering the ground / a beginning or the end” sings Rebekka Thornbech.

Autumn does not have to be the end of something good. It could also be the beginning of something better. Fall is the third release in the project A Year in the Life. Earlier this year, Thornbech released the Spring and Summer EPs, and when she released Winter for December, the four EPs released to an album.

The project is an attempt to provide insight into the songwriter process as well as a year in a human life. The exciting thing is that no numbers have been written in advance and that Rebekka Thornbech therefore did not know before which topics the numbers would be about to circle.

EP Release Date:
The EP “Spring” will be published on March 16, 2018.
The EP “Summer” will be published on June 1, 2018.
The EP “Fall” is published on October 1, 2018.
The EP “Winter” is included in the album “A Year In A Life” and will be published on December 1, 2018.

About Rebekka Thornbech:
• Released two albums; “So Be It” (2014) and “Wanderlust” (2016).
• The Singles “We Got Time” (2016), “Sunshine Follow Me” (2016), “Tell-Tale Heart” (2017) and “Better Days Will Come” (2017) have all been in rotation on DR P4 and P5.
• Has participated in the Danish Melody Grand Prix in 2014, where she got a second place with the song “Your Lies”.


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