At the end of October, Esben Just will resume his tour, which was interrupted by the national lockdown in the spring. And the title “The Second Coming” seems more relevant than ever. When you consider that the musician Esben Just was at Rigshospitalet during a heart operation with his chest open, his heart taken out and placed in a bowl, with a 20% chance of never being himself again and you see him today – intact, in progress and back behind the piano – it makes SO much sense that his solo show is called “The Second Coming”.

But the title also gets a whole new perspective in light of the extensive changes that the Corona pandemic has caused – not least the interruption of Esben Just’s own tour, which should have landed around the spring of 2020. For now, Esben Just returns: – I look forward to making a show that is based on “the Second Coming” but which also relates to this with coming back and finding new solutions to problems that were not thought to exist, which has become a common frame of reference for all Danes, says Esben Just.

In “The Second Coming”, Just asks himself and the audience a series of questions that stem from his own near-death experience: Is it possible to be who you were before, at the same time as you become wiser? How do we get the most out of life before death? Since the acute and seven-hour heart operation, followed by four days in a coma, Esben Just – both as a human being and as a musician – has put all his efforts into making his experiences a force, which is also reflected in the songs he plays in the show “The Second Coming”.

The music is habitual, inspired by New Orleans, a vital mix of own and others’ songs. Of course performed in a setup that meets all Corona restrictions. – As a small child, I look forward to getting around and performing solo again after the spring corona shutdown. Now we’ve got it all under enough control so that we can meet under circumstances and experience music and stories in an analog setting. I’m really looking forward to that, says Esben Just

The joy of playing and the energy is intact, and the show will be a spiritual, musical and entertaining journey, where Esben Just will talk about getting the heart and rhythm of life restarted – quite literally.

Tour Plan:

21/10 Vandborg-Ferring Fælleshus kl. 20, Lemvig
22/10 Bakkehuset kl. 20, Ikast
23/10 Kulturhuset kl. 20, Arden
24/10 Anexet kl. 20, Kerteminde
31/10 Gilleleje Kulturhavn kl. 20
1/11 Kulturhuset Birkelundgaard kl. 13, Albertslund
5/11 Juelsminde Musikforening kl. 19
6/11 Høloftet kl. 19, Thyholm
7/11 Plantagehuset kl. 20, Thisted

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