Émile takes advantage of his newfound freedom to realize a dream: to record with those he considers to be the best musicians of the moment.

It will be in Los Angeles with, among others, the drummer Jeff Porcaro, the guitarist Peter Frampton, the bassist Nathan East, that his melodies had no trouble convincing.

Some titles are also recorded at the Polygone studios in Toulouse, with equally talented musicians (Denys Lable, Jean-Denis Rivaleau)

The album Lover café was released in spring 1991 but proved to be a commercial failure.

The same year, Émile wrote for Anne Meson, then French ambassador of the Walt Disney Company, the title Demain c’est today, eponymous of his second album. They perform it as a duet in 1992 for the album “Que Faire la Belle “.

In 1993 Cavalier appeared in a turban, an eclectic and successful album.

Émile continues to perform all over France, accompanied, among others, by guitarist Nicolas Besse (Hippocampe group) or drummer Fredéric Kets, by Thierry Conchon (keyboard and choirs) and sometimes meets those who in 1986 sang Les démons midnight, Mario Ramsamy and Jean-Louis Pujade, the Toulousains d’Images.


Emile Wandelmer

Touchstone Records 1993

Tracks: Marche à l'envers, Indélébile, Manuel matador, Après tout, L'ombre et la lumière, One way ticket, Tout bouleversé, À l'angelus, Rêve de papillon, Born in Toulouse& Je survivrai.

Musicians on the Emile Wandelmer album: Emile Wandelmer and others.

Lover Café

WEA Records 1990

Tracks: Lover Café, Nora, À quinze ans, Charlie, Vends pas ton blues, Seul, Feux de paille, Dame, Je voyage & Rien de plus beau.

Musicians on the Lover Café album: Emile Wandelmer, Jacques Cardona, Serge Guirao, Timothy B. Schmit, Nathan East, Victor Ibañez, Jean-Denis Rivaleau, Jeff Porcaro, Dean Parks, Denys Lable, François Porterie, J.J. Cale, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Powers, Bobby Martin, J. Loup Cartier, Larry Cohn, Phil Wharton & David Woodford.