Following on from the success of her debut album “Train Stories“, Swedish singer songwriter Su Andersson released a brand new single, “Echoes“, Friday, February 18th, 2022.

Of course for many a singer songwriter, it is impossible to separate the extraordinary experience of recent times from their artistic output, Su Andersson is no different. “Echoes” is a heartfelt yearning for a return to her second home of New York, at a time when pandemic regulations make doing so complicated, but also wracked with ethical deliberation.

As Su herself explains, “In the beginning of the song, I mention that we should leave the sky to the birds, and I know I’ve got my share. This references how I have wrestled with the notion that I shouldn’t travel frivolously at a time of heightened climate awareness. Yet can I really resist going back to New York, a place I yearn for, and to have been of such importance in my life?”.

The single features a stirring vocal duet with American songstress Naiika Sings, whose star has been in the ascendant ever since a video of one of her performances on the New York subway went viral, amassing millions of views in double quick time. A firm advocate of being stronger together, she is the perfect partner for Su’s collaborative approach.”Echoes” is taken from a forthcoming full length album due later this year, and was released Friday, February 18th, 2022, on Firma Su Records.