A new melodic supergroup? Well, in a way, yes!

EAST TEMPLE AVENUE, the “baby“ of Australian Darren Phillps (g) who collaborates with the Swedes Philip Lindstrand (g, ARKADO), Dennis „Butabi“ Borg (b, CRUZH) and Herman Furin (d, WORK OF ART) as well as with the mighty voice Robbie LaBlanc (v, FIND ME, BLANC FACES) and delivers an AOR/melodic milestone.

Let alone ´“Don’t Make Believe“, “My Last Breath“ or “When I’m With You“ shine. The ballads “The End Of Me“ and “Where Love is“ are amazing, too.

Great production, absolutely no fillers and stellar musicianship are key points here. Please more, guys! Stadion rock-like anthems and emotional tunes which will definitely stay.

Tracklist: 1. Mountain 2. Don’t Make Believe 3. Fool For Love 4. My Last Breath 5. Everything 6. Forever Yours 7. Fly High 8. When I’m With You 9. The End Of Me And You & 10. Where Love Is.