Debut single “Hooking Up” – A European (Spanish-Danish) production produced by Danish producer and bassist Jimmy Østbygaard.

“Hooking Up” is a song inspired as a means of intercultural communication and represents a manifestation of different musical expressions between musicians of different nationalities, “the connection” by David Margam & Jimmy Østbygaard has resulted in a beautiful instrumental musical piece that will make you travel through different cultures, a sound journey full of contemporary nuances and colors.

David Margam

He is one of the most active and multifaceted Spanish musicians not only in the local Spanish music scene, which he greatly enhances for his knowledge and experience as a scholar and activist of the legacy of the golden decades of African-American music, but also stands out at the national level as one of the greatest exponents of smoothjazz, funk and groove and for his connection with various international movements.

In less than a year he has presented two projects, a collaboration with the saxophonist Lee Jones on his new album and the MARHID project with the talented producer and composer Sergio Hidalgo with which he is managing to make an important space in the Smooth scene. International jazz.

Jimmy Østbygaard

He started his professional career from an early age and since then he has toured Europe with different artists as the accompanying bassist.

For decades he has worked as a producer or session musician with artists from various backgrounds (Spain, Sweden, the Faroe Islands and elsewhere).

A cast of great international artists has shaped “Hooking Up” with a smooth and elegant result, a meeting of musicians recognized for their work which translates into an exciting and enriching final sound that will not leave the listener unmoved.


David Margam – Guitar

Jimmy Østbygaard – Bass

Peter Michael Jensen – Keyboard

Martin Verdonk – Percussion

Jim Hodson – Trombone / Trumpet

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