DAN HYLANDER & RAJ MONTANA BAND has a long and interesting history. I have told the story on several occasions during my time as a reviewer and columnist in Nerikes Allehanda, texts that are now available on Håkans Pop. I can promise that Hylander / Raj Montana concerts will repeatedly appear in the ranked list of my biggest concert experiences in Örebro, Örebro Live, which is currently being rolled out on Håkans Pop.

Hylander recently announced that it is planning to release a new album with Dan and the band, the latest! The fact that the band suffered a very sad and infinitely sad death in December 2020, drummer Pelle Alsing’s untimely death, makes the planned album “Katharsis”, which is the album’s title, a worthy end to the story of Raj Montana Band.

Now, as a record listener, there is the opportunity to contribute to the release of Dan Hylander & Raj Montana Band’s latest album as it has just started a so-called crowdfunding to ensure the release of the album planned for the fall.

Here are all the details about the album: https://www.musicarry.com/dan-hylander/

As I said, I have told the story of Dan Hylander and Raj Montana Band many times and did in connection with the band’s last reunion in 2018, and a concert in Örebro, a career-summarizing text with many personal memories from the years 1983-84.

Dan Hylander has in his own words explained the conditions for what will be Raj Montana Band’s last record: “Call it pre-sale, call it crowdfunding, call it what you want… Recording music is not free. It’s even quite expensive. We is not a big record company. On the contrary. It has its advantages but… We stand and fall with every album.

Therefore we are also completely dependent on you, our dear audience. You decide if we can complete our projects. The principle is mainly ‘many streams small… ‘, but of course we gratefully accept one or two rapids as well. The most important thing is that we have removed all intermediaries. You buy directly from us. Therefore, all money goes directly to the production of the album you bought. We win win we think …

Sometimes sadness and sorrow turn into at least a little hope and joy. After Pelle Alsing’s far too early death, we closed down the Raj Montana Band. It was obvious. He was our heart and pulse. Still, it felt wrong to put a point where there should have been an exclamation point. We were there! We are! For the music lives on. The memories remain. Everything from the crazy heyday of 81-84 to our cordial reunion 2018.

About a year ago, I began to go through the hard drive with Raj Montana’s recordings. It was an unexpected treasure hunt. I found pearl after pearl of unfinished material. Some almost clear and some basically just drums and guitar. Gradually I began to see increasingly clear contours. This was far too good to be true. Maybe that’s what was missing. One last exclamation point! Now I know that it will be an album that can proudly stand among the previous ones. ‘Katharsis’ will be a dignified end to the story of the Raj Montana Band! “

Words from Håkans Pop: http://www.hakanpettersson.se/blogg.php?publday=2022-06-05&year=2022&month=6


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