Crystal is more famous as an actress but this album demonstrates her considerable musical talents. Crystal wrote two of the songs alone and co-wrote five of the others with her record producer, David Rhyne. The music may be described as easy-listening pop-country music.

The opening track, Hey, is about a former lover who decides he wants to return, but Crystal isn’t going to allow that. Next comes the title track, also about a former lover (perhaps the same one) who Crystal wants to stay away but he still has an effect on hrr, so it’s not as simple as she would like. After this comes a song (We don’t live there anymore) that reminisces about the good times that are long gone.

Crystal cheers up on the next track (To dream without you), a happy duet with country singer Billy Dean. The next song (Here’s looking at you) seems at first to be a happy song, but it later becomes clear that the man that Crystal remembers so well is no longer interested in her. Next comes a song (Love never ends) about a woman whose partner died six years ago but she still remains faithful. Then comes a sad song (Gardenia) about somebody who had a brief moment of fame that was never recaptured.

Another sad song (Music biy) is about a woman who declines the offer of marriage because she tried before with somebody else but failed and decided to remain independent. Next is a song (Something to go on) about the start of a relationship, where Crystal wants to know if the man is serious or not. The album closes with a duet (If you need a touch) in which Crystal and her father recommend placing faith in God.

Crystal never established herself as a major singing star but she didn’t need to and maybe didn’t want to. This was her second and (as far as I know) last album, but it is definitely worth a listen.

Words from Peter Durward Harris

Tracklist: Hey, Dont Touch Me There, We Dont Live There Anymore, To Dream Without You, Heres Looking At You, Love Never Ends, Gardenia, Music Boy, Something To Go On & If You Need A Touch.

River North Records 1999