Claudia Campagnol’s new single Confused is a laid-back, confident and funky case full of hot summer vibes that make you dream of cruising up and down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in California – or the French Riviera – in a cool convertible.

Think West Coast music, Earth Wind & Fire, Bill Champlin and Michael Ruff, then the mood is set.

Confused is about meeting the unforeseen love. You are happy, independent and alive life on your own terms. Suddenly you meet someone who turns your life upside down, and which unexpectedly makes you fall madly in love.

But when is the right time to tell about your crush – and how? Claudia Campagnol has chosen to do it with this one song…

Claudia’s vocals are extremely powerful, but at the same time warm and soulful. She has a unique talent for improvisation and vocal arrangements – and a deep and rooted love for fusion jazz.

But for a long time she has wanted to try her hand at other genres and step out of its musical comfort zone.

With the catchy “Confused”, Claudia follows up strongly on the previous singles “Everything’s OK”, “Do You Love Me (Dance Edit)” and “Dance With Me”, where she flirts with a soul / r & b / pop universe that suits her so incredibly well.

“Confused” is on Claudia’s upcoming new album coming out this fall.