The Swedish AOR act Coastland Ride and the German record label Avenue Of Allies continue their partnership with the release of the bandís third album “Distance”. The co-operation started in 2011 with the release of “On Top Of The World” and the re-release of a remastered edition with 3 bonus tracks of Coastland Ride´s self-titled debut album, originally released in 2003.

Delivering perfectly arranged catchy Scandinavian AOR with Westcoast influences is still the game of the three gentlemen from Sundsvall, who started Coastland Ride back in 1997, Markus Nordenberg (lead & background vocals, keyboards), Anders Rybank (keyboards, guitars, bass, drums & programming, background vocals) and Mikael Bohlin (guitars, keyboards & programming).

“Distance” is a highly enjoyable affair kicking off with the hook laden “Winds”, including a guitar solo by Lars Chriss (Lionís Share). The lead guitar work of Sven Larsson (Street Talk, Sapphire Eyes, Lionville) is featured on the mid-paced tunes “Saviour”, “Eye Of The Storm” and “Reasons To Try”. Sven can as well be heard on five more tracks, also changing over to the acoustic guitar for a solo on the ballad “Here In My Heart”.

To spice up their sound the band added some harder rocking guitars on tunes like “Dead For Seven Days”, “Nation Of Grace” and “Princess Little Wonderland” and invited their local musical friends, Tomas Lundgren and Hansi Fellbrink of the band Roulette, to add background vocals on “Higher Ground”.

Almost 20 years after the foundation stone for the band was laid, Coastland Ride made their live debut as a six-piece band on the 2016 edition of Rock Weekend AOR in Stockholm in front of an absolutely delighted audience. On February 18th 2017 the band celebrated the release of the digital single “Winds” and the upcoming release of their brand new album ìDistanceî with a concert in their hometown and with the new set of songs under their belt, the guys are ready to enter the stage again and fly the flag of classy AOR from Sweden.

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COASTLAND RIDE – Distance (Sweden, 2017)

Tracklist :

1.    Winds (3:48)
Words & Music: Markus Nordenberg
2.    Saviour (3:38)
Words & Music: Anders Rybank
3.    Love Is On Your Mind (3:49)
Words: Markus Nordenberg / Music: Markus Nordenberg & Anders Rybank
4.    Dead For Seven Days (4:19)
Words: Mikael Bohlin & Markus Nordenberg / Music: Mikael Bohlin
5.    Here In My Heart (4:08)
Words: Markus Nordenberg / Music: Markus Nordenberg & Anders Rybank
6.    Eye Of The Storm (4:50)
Words & Music: Anders Rybank
7.    Nation Of Grace (4:41)
Words: Markus Nordenberg / Music: Anders Rybank & Markus Nordenberg
8.    Spotlight Sun (3:38)
Words: Markus Nordenberg / Music: Anders Rybank
9.    Higher Ground (3:39)
Words: Markus Nordenberg / Music: Mikael Bohlin & Markus Nordenberg
10.    Princess Little Wonderland (4:03)
Words & music: Mikael Bohlin & Markus Nordenberg
11.    Hardcoded Life (4:25)
Words & Music: Mikael Bohlin
12.    Reasons To Try (4:42)
Words & Music: Markus Nordenberg

Coastland Ride are:
Markus Nordenberg – Lead & background vocals, keyboards
Anders Rybank – Keyboards, guitars, bass, drums & programming, background vocals
Mikael Bohlin – Guitars, keyboards & programming

Guest musicians:
Sven Larsson – Guitar solos on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12; Acoustic guitar solo on 5
Lars Chriss – Guitar solo on ìWindsî
Michael Cederholm – Background vocals on ìEye of the Stormî & ìNation Of Graceî
Helena Dalby & Karina Nilsson – Background vocals on ìSpotlight Sunî
Tomas Lundgren & Hansi Fellbrink – Background vocals on ìHigher Groundî

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