MelodicRock Classics is honoured to announce the details for what will be one of the crown jewels of the label’s catalogue for years to come.

Most fans of melodic rock will know the name Clif Magness. The American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer is a stalwart of the wider music business for over 40 years.

And while is name will be very familiar, the depth of his songwriting talents may not be as well known.

In rock circles he has two acclaimed solo albums plus a member of Planet 3, co-writes with Steve Perry and is best known for co-writing and producing several tracks on Avril Lavigne’s 2002 debut album, Let Go including the song “Losing Grip”.

Further writing credits include Laura Branigan, Ted Nugent, John Farnham, Cheap Trick, Starship, Eric Martin, Robin Beck, Marc Jordan, Spin Gallery and Ignition.

In pop circles he worked with original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson on her debut album Thankful and the follow-up Breakaway. Magness produced the longest radio air played song in Australian history, “Perfect”, for Vanessa Amorosi; produced five songs for another American Idol contestant, Clay Aiken, on his debut album, Measure of a Man and co-wrote the first single “Lights Out” and five other songs with Lisa Marie Presley from her debut album, To Whom It May Concern.

At the 33rd Grammy Awards, Magness won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocal(s) for the song “The Places You Find Love” from Quincy Jones’ album, Back On The Block. He received nominations for an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Grammy for the theme song “The Day I Fall In Love” from the film Beethoven’s 2nd.

In 1990, Magness’ collaboration with songwriter Steve Kipner resulted in a Billboard top 5 single for Wilson Phillips’ “Impulsive”.

Early in his career, Magness co-wrote and produced the title track “All I Need” on Jack Wagner’s debut album. He has also either co-written and/or produced tracks for Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson, Amy Grant, Hanson, O-Town, Charlotte Martin, Rachel Loy, Wild Orchid, Judith Owen, Jude, Joe Bonamassa, The Urge, Kyle Vincent, Marie Digby, Andreya Triana, Days Difference, Ill Scarlett, Ivy Lies, Christina Grimmie, Caroline Sunshine, Jermaine Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Julio Iglesias, Sheena Easton, George Benson, and Al Jarreau.

The time has come to showcase Clif Magness’ songwriting career, by opening his demo vaults to fans for the first time.

‘Road To Gold’ is the unleashing of 40 years of writing, covering different styles, eras and purposes, all with Magness’ own brand of melodic brilliance on display.

Given the brief to ‘look through everything’, Clif, together with A&R guru Magnus Soderqvist and MelodicRock Classics CEO Andrew McNeice, found 60 tracks, which are compiled over 4CDs in chronological order.

Clif Magness: “A lot of the songs included here in this compilation are songs that were written and recorded (with my vocal mostly) with the hope of securing recordings by major artists of the day. Therefore, song and singing styles vary depending on who I’m pitching to.

For example, “Collection Of Hearts” was written with Alee Willis for Stevie Nicks. “The Boy Delirious” and “Forget That Girl” were written for Aerosmith; “Running Away” for Hanson; “Saving Grace”, “The Children”, “The Other Side Of Love” for Michael Jackson and “Love With a View” for Barbra Streisand.

To make this package a truly special tribute to a great writing talent, Clif has been working on detailed song credits and liner notes to explain each song on the compilation.

The 4CD Set will be housed in a double sized jewelcase and will be limited to 1000 units worldwide.

It is expected CDs will be ready to ship at the end of May.

A digital release will follow at a later date.

Pre-orders will be available from April 19.

Direct pre-orders of ‘Road To Gold’ will be priced at USD$75 (including worldwide shipping)

All those that pre-order will receive a 1CD sized digital download, with highlights from the set for advance listening. The full digital audio will be delivered the day the sets ship out.


The full track listing is as follows:

Disc 1: 1979-1983

01. Slip Away 3:17

02. The Rest Of The Night 4:07

03. Reach For Me 2:58

04. Do You Ever Think Of Me 3:06

05. Look What You’ve Done 3:02

06. Make Me Believe It 3:16

07. What Goes Around 3:30

08. Let ‘Em Talk 3:08

09. Late Night News 3:23

10. Chain Reaction 3:58

11. Workin’ It Back 3:07

12. When Will I See You Again 3:28

13. Tell Him 2:43

14. I Know What You Know 3:47

Disc 2: 1984-1987

01. Top Of The Hill 3:23

02. Kia Manni Kai 4:57

03. Hold On 3.17

03. Lisa, It Still Matters  4:00

04. Hold On To Me 4:17

05. Runnin’ Forever 4:11

06. Black And White 3:52

07. Over Tokyo 3:23

08. The Other Side Of Love 3:48

09. Saving Grace 3:29

10. The Children 4:44

11. If I Had My Way 3:31

12. Livin’ In A Gorgeous Hell 3:46

13. Shake Off The Rain 4:03

14. Steam 3:33

Disc 3: 1998-1995

01. Livin’ By The Letter 3:40

02. Halfway To Heaven 4:15

03. As Good As It Gets 3:50

04. Cry 4:19

05. Yeah Yeah Yeah 3:31

06. Love With A View 4:39

07. Look The Other Way 3:33

08. I Will Survive 3:38

09. I Think My Heart Is Ready 4:01

10. Johnny B Bad 4:18

11. Nueromancer 3:59

12. Collection Of Hearts 4.11

12. You Love Who You Love 3:49

13. The Boy Delirious 4:23

14. I Know I want Your Love 4:14

15. Down 3:24

16. Feel 4:05

Disc 4: 1996-2018

01.  Forget That Girl 3:58

02.  Her New Day 4:28

03.  In The New World 3:58

04.  Katies Suicide 4:01

05.  Livin’ The Dream 2:33

06.  What You Want 4:45

07.  I’ve Fallen Into You 3:14

08.  Running Away 3:07

09.  Craving 3:25

10.  Different Today 3:49

11.  Those Were The Days 2:53

12.  Will you Wait 4:05

13.  Me Just Being Me 4:00

14.  Crave The Touch 2:13

15.  Let Me Let Go 3:58

16. (She Said) Just Kiss Me 3:19

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