Chicago release new album…


“NOW” Chicago XXXVI Liner Notes

In the wild west of the 21st century endeavor of making music, Chicago “NOW” is a new frontier for the iconic “rock band with horns”.

Putting aside an awesome accumulation of honors, awards, accomplishments, numbers and peer respect, this remarkable group of talented musicians continues to make history with a new recording process geared towards musical excellence, doing the business of music “NOW”, while reckoning with the logistical realities of a world-wide touring band.

Chicago, with Lee Loughnane spearheading, has customized a new recording system (dubbed “the Rig”) that is flexible, powerful, portable, and always travels with the band. “NOW” was performed across a number of locations (mostly hotel rooms), including Nashville, Cleveland, Toledo, New Jersey, Spokane, and many other points across the globe.

In this new collaboration, each of the band’s songwriters becomes the “supervising producer” for their compositions.

Hank Linderman, musician, and long-time studio engineer for Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles), Don Henley, America, and Robert Lamm, as well as other successful artists, is the “coordinating producer.” Hank catalogs the multitude of audio takes and files, bringing logistical and production musicality to a complex procedure.  With much effort a private online collaboration portal was created to allow performances to be worked on, around the clock, from remote locations. Chicago has crafted band performances, in sync, with the songwriter, and is already working on their next collection of music!

Read more about the new release at the Chicago website.