Charlie Parker Loves Me – new Maz Meazza release…

Max Meazza is a wonderful Italian singer- songwriter who I’ve known for over a decade. We’ve been fans of each others work, but have only met thru the internet. He is putting together a wonderful project of his favorite singer songwriter songs and he asked me to be part of it. I’ve just finished my track and it’s an all new version of my song FORWARD MOTION that I wrote with Russ Freeman and Lorraine Feather.
Mark Winkler



01 – Charlie Parker Loves Me (Marc Jordan, John Capek & Steve Kipner)
02 – She’s A Lover (John Martyn)
03 – Neon Angel (Max Meazza)
04 – Lost In L.A. (Max Meazza)
05 – A Face In The Crowd (Max Meazza)
06 – Forward Motion (Mark Winkler, Lorraine Feather & Freeman)
07 – Solid Air (John Martyn)
08 – Too Late For My Heart (Max Meazza & Massimo Spinosa)
09 – Black And White Generation (Max Meazza)
10 – Laurie Bird (Max Meazza)

Produced by Max Meazza


01 – Charlie Parker Loves Me Max Meazza & Marc Jordan Marc Jordan : Vocals & Background vocals Max Meazza : Electric Guitar Nicola Demontis : Electric Guitars Carlo Riboni : Rhodes Piano & Drums Programming Paolo Faldi : Bass Roy Hardy : Trumpet

02 – She’s A Lover Max Meazza : Vocals Carlo Riboni : Rhodes Piano & Drums Programming Nicola Demontis : Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Background vocals Paolo Faldi : Bass

03 – Neon Angel Max Meazza : Vocals Nicola Demontis : Acoustic & Electric Guitars Enrico Panicucci : Bass Enrico Ferraresi : Drums

04 – Lost In L.A. Max Meazza & Marco Taggiasco Max Meazza : Vocals Marco Taggiasco : Rhodes Piano, Keyboards & Bass Riziero RB Bixio : Drums & Background vocals Valeria Fiore : Background vocals Nicola Demontis : Guitars Filippo Daga : Trumpet

05 – A Face In The Crowd Max Meazza : Vocals Fabio Roveroni : Rhodes Piano Nicola Demontis : Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Drums Programming Martina Daga : Soprano Sax Enrico Panicucci : Bass

06 – Forward Motion Mark Winkler & GRP Puccis Bros. Performed by GRP Pucci Bros. Mark Winkler : Vocals Gabriele Pucci : Keyboards Davide Benecchi : Electric Guitar Paolo Pucci : Bass Roberto Pucci : Drums

07 – Solid Air Max Meazza & Gigi Cifarelli Max Meazza : Vocals Gigi Cifarelli : Electric Guitar Fabio Roveroni : Rhodes Piano Stefano Pulga : Hammond Mirko Giani : Bass Enrico Ferraresi : Drums

08 – Too Late For My Heart Max Meazza : Vocals Massimo Spinosa : Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Bass & Drums Programming Nicola Demontis : Guitars

09 – Black And White Generation Max Meazza & Tony O’Malley Max Meazza : Vocals Tony O’Malley : Background vocals Frank Collins : Background vocals Nicola Demontis : Acoustic & Electric Guitars Carlo Riboni : Wurlitzer Piano Mauro Piu : Bass Enrico Ferraresi : Drums

10 – Laurie Bird Max Meazza : Vocals Nicola Demontis : Acoustic & Electric Guitars Enrico Panicucci : Fretless Bass Giulia Nuti : Violin

Read more about Max Meazza at his official website.

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