“Carousel”, another song from Steve Yanek’s forthcoming “September” album, continues the theme of summertime which began in 2021 with the 1st release from this ongoing digital album project, “Summer Days”.

It’s a simple love song, an acoustic lament, using a ride on a carousel as the metaphor for, hopefully, getting to spend another year with the one you love.

About Steve Yanek

Sometimes even the most promising prospects can take time to reach fruition. For whatever the reason, the timing may be off, the opportunities limited, or all the elements simply aren’t in place to sustain a clear connection between past and present.

Steve Yanek knows that scenario all too well. His initial efforts to establish himself as a singer songwriter proved promising, but personal circumstances suggested otherwise. Although its title dictated otherwise, his first album, 2005’s “Across The Landscape”, wasn’t destined to be the sweeping success its title suggested, even though it received critical acclaim and extensive airplay at Triple A stations throughout the U.S. Likewise, given the all star ensemble that contributed to his cause, guitarist Jeff Pevar, a longstanding member of David Crosby’s band, CPR, as well as the Crosby, Stills & Nash touring band, Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein and the Dregs’ late keyboard player T Lavitz, as well as famed singer Leah Kunkel, it provided a promise that was only fulfilled later on once the album had its belated 2020 release in Europe.

An erstwhile entrepreneur, Steve realized a delay due to the start up of a successful business and the fractious nature of the music business. Not that it prevented him from moving ahead with ventures of his own. He started his own record label, Primitive Records, dabbled in management and helped advance the careers of some promising ensembles, all while tending to his ongoing songwriting, the setting up of a recording studio and putting together a band that would allow him to begin touring again.

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