Brunky Music is a project of songwriter and producer Stefan Brunkhorst.

He was born in the mid 60’s and was inspired in very early age by his older brother with the music from that time. He starts practicing different instruments autoditact and made the first recordings at the end of the 70’s.

Over the years he wrote a lot of songs in different styles, but the most of them in the California West Coast vibe. The dream about his own release never stopped all the years.



RecordJET 2022

Tracks: Borderline, Waiting Heart, The Ocean Side & Borderline (Remix).

Musicians to the Borderline album: Stefan Brunkhorst, Damiano Libianchi, Soren Reiff, David Garfield, Sam Porcaro, Rick Latham, Lenny Castro, Björn Höhler, Johannes Zetterberg & Martin Verdonk.

Moments Of L.A.

RecordJET 2020

Tracks: Moments Of L.A., Better Run & Moments Of L.A. (Smooth Version).

Musicians on the Moments Of L.A. album: Stefan Brunkhorst, Björn Höhler, Tommy Denander, Guido Bungenstock, Rick Keller, Mikel Allen, Luis Conte, Rick Latham & Sam Porcaro.

Live It Up

RecordJET 2018

Tracks: Live It Up, You Let Me Fly & Live It Up (Radio Edit).

Musicians on the Live It Up album: Stefan Brunkhorst, Alex Ligertwood, David Garfield, Luis Conte, Rick Latham, Soren Reiff, Tommy Denander & Arne Röstermundt.