Carrington MacDuffie – Blue Christmas New Single

Veteran singer songwriter Carrington MacDuffie brings fresh attitude and a wily depth of experience to her music and performance.

Far reaching influences of a musical New York childhood weave through her recordings, and some years spent beachside in Los Angeles performing with a 4 piece rock band come into play as she breathes new creative expression into this nostalgic Christmas classic.

MacDuffie’s stamp on the song brings a more upbeat and aggressive spin on a song that has historically been recorded with a much slower tempo by its diverse musical predecessors.

As she explains it herself, “The singer is not feeling forlorn about the fact her lover won’t be with her for Christmas, but rather is heartily displeased, in fact is feeling a little bratty and demented about it”. Carrington divides her time between Austin and Seattle, with ongoing recording projects in Nashville, Austin and Glasgow.

With a studio album, “Kiss Make Better”, 2018, and 3 EP’s under her belt since 2014, she has plotted a course of single releases over the coming months, to be collected into a 2020 album release, supported by a spring tour of the UK.

MacDuffie has been singing since before she could talk, and she is also a renowned and versatile voice actor, having narrated biographies of Pussy Riot and Joni Mitchell.

Her voice also appears in video games including “World Of Warcraft”. in which she plays a shamanic Scottish Dwarf. Regarding her adventurous and often tumultuous life, she says “Music carries me through it all”…..

By Published On: december 7, 2019Categories: In Focus, New Releases

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