Beyond Imagination is seeking crowdfunding for a new album recording…

Beyond Imagination is a Swedish rock band whose music has it’s roots in the 70’s and 80’s American West Coast rock. Influences like Toto, Jay Graydon, Chicago and Al Jarreau has left it’s traces in the musics sound. In 2014 the band released their EP »Change The Way«, where the title track won The February 2016 Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Song – now they want to record their first full length album.

To record a full length album takes great effort. Everything from writing the songs to rehearsing them with the band, to recording, mixing and promoting the music – is an extensive and costly process. Now, all the music is already written and soon to be well rehearsed, but the recording session lies ahead. It will go down in august this year and that’s where you come into the picture.

With your contribution we will reach the limit for our budget and make this project a dream come true for everyone involved. Your contributions will cover expenses for recording, mixing, mastering, album cover art AND – best of all – help us get a legendary American session veteran to make a guest appearance as a soloist for one of our songs!

We’ve put aside 3250$ of our own savings for this project so far, now we need to raise an estimate of 5000$ to make it all the way. No amount is too small so don’t be late with your gift and grab your reward.

If we don’t reach our full goal here on Indigogo, don’t worry – the recording is going down anyway and the money will be spared until we reach our budget goal. Though there will be a delay of our release off course!


This record is a unique collaboration among enthusiastic up and coming Swedish musicians and a true American session veteran. We’ve prepared this recording for over 3 years now – writing numerous songs, played live gigs and rehearsing the music to a minimum. Our CD will deliver great quality musicianship with well written songs and transmit the beloved West Coast genre for new generations to come. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a West Coast fan or a uninitiated listener of the genre – we strongly believe you’ll enjoy it.

Please join us on this journey and we’ll make it happen – once and for all!

All the best,

Emanuel & Andreas, with Beyond Imagination

More information here.

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