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Beyond Imagination The Swedish Westcoast rock band

Beyond Imagination started as a project back in 2012 when drummer Emanuel Nyman and his friend Isak Serholt wrote a bunch of songs and recorded a rough demo at his parents garret.

When beginning his studies at the Malmö Academy of Music, Emanuel started the project of recording an EP.

After the EP-release in 2014, a reformation of the band was made. We then rehearsed new material, played several live shows and the idea of making a full length album was born.

In the summer of 2016 we entered Sunnanå Studios with engineer Tobias Ekqvist with the goal of making the best record we can, the lineup consisting of Viktor Johansson on vocals, Tim Carlstedt on guitars, Jimmy Garting on keys and Daniel Purk on the bass, along with Emanuel Nyman on drums, Andreas Baro on the saxophone.

Album Teaser

Additional musicians were invited to play horn- and percussion arrangements as well as solos.

No expense was spared in man hours in the making of this album. Produced by Emanuel and Andreas and co-produced by Tobias as well as Isak, many late nights were spent pulling hairs, arguing and fighting over the musical direction. Thanks to the ”spiritual guidance” of Isak, we all made it through.

The idea of bringing in a ”hired gun” is something we love about Westcoast/AOR, which is why we were completely blown away when Jay Graydon agreed to take part in the making of our album. In the future we hope to carry on with this tradition, perhaps with Jay or other artists as well.

In 2019, after years in production, we are proud to finally release our first full length album. We do really feel it is the best album we could make at the time and can’t wait to do the next one!

This is our story so far, but it feels like our journey has just begun…

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