Bertil Edin was one of the founding member of the group Edin/Adahl that has released several CCM albums with westcoast touch.

Bertil and his brother Lasse released music already in the 70’s, but perhaps best known as one of four brothers in the group Edin Ådahl who released 7 LPs: s between 1980 and 1982 and won the Swedish selection for the melody festival 1990 with “Like a Wind”

In 1985 he released “Cross The Border” and in 1994 the album “Ett Hav Av Karlek”.

Bertil Edin comes with new music, after not releasing anything in about 25 years.

But now it’s time again. The new CD is called “Be Calm Be Silent” and will be released 25 Feb 2022.


1. Give your burden to me

2. Hallelujah

3. Be calm, be silent

4. I belong to you

5. Our children are crying

6. O Mother I long for you

7. God is love

8. Make me clean

9. Lovin’ eys

10. Our love is forever