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Beautifully Broken paints an emotionally rich landscape of a life fully-lived. Somewhere along the way through life’s trauma and joy, love and loss, grief and gratitude, hope and despair, betrayal and forgiveness, we all become beautifully broken. 

In time, we painfully come to love and embrace our imperfect selves. It is in the depths of our brokenness that we learn to have compassion for one another and learn how difficult yet extraordinarily beautiful it is to be human.

The songs on “Beautifully Broken” are sophisticated, emotionally rich, and cinematic.

After years of creating, editing, and refining, I finally feel this deeply personal album is ready to be released. With some songs composed as early as 2003 and one written this year, I feel this collection of songs is the most authentically “Janey.” I wrote and produced all but two of the songs on the album: “Never Enough” co-written and co-produced with Gregg Mangiafico and “Drown” co-written with Jeff Walter.

Some of you may recognize “He’s The Moon In Spain,” “Never Enough,” and “Drown” as these three songs were first released by acclaimed international artist Lara Fabian on her album “Le Secret” in 2013. She fell in love with my original songs in 2012, wrote French lyrics to my melodies, and re-titled the songs “Il Est Lune,” “La Vie Est La,” and Amourexique,” respectively. Her CD debuted at #1 in France and is available worldwide.

Desislava Kondova; a Bulgarian-born, exceptionally talented violinist plays an important role on my album as well. A fan of Lara Fabian’s, she reached out to me after the release of “Le Secret.” Little did I know that our series of emails would lead to Desi being featured on four songs, including the title track, “Beautifully Broken.” Through our collaboration over the years, we have become dear friends and I am happy to announce I am producing her upcoming album, to be released early next year.

Bruce Gaitsch, my incredible husband of 27 years, is the man behind the guitar on this album. His heart is all over this emotionally driven CD, not only because he exudes both passion and expertise in his playing, but also because he has lived with me through these stories.

The cover art for this CD was designed by my daughter, Sam Gaitsch…my heart and soul. She is a gifted woman whose talents shine not only through her visual art; but also as a choreographer, dancer, writer, and actress. Watch out world! You can visit her at

From the passionate first single “He’s The Moon In Spain” to the delicate, understated pop-hit “Unreal” to the angsty “Liar Liar”, epics like “Breathe and Let Go” and “Lies and Secrets,” and the sensual, “Inseparable,” these songs all come from my heart. In my life I have felt the extreme depths of pain and the highs of elation, all of which are encompassed in this CD. This album is me; vulnerable yet strong, no longer apologizing for my scars.
Despite our brokenness, life is still profoundly beautiful. “Beautifully Broken” is a celebration of life as a whole.

For more info, visit my new website at:

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