It started “Once In America”…

In 1992 the recordlabel Sonet signed the band Westwood and their first single release became a major hit in Denmark. The song “Once In America” was a success from the beginning and the bandmembers Michael Vesterskov, Jan Tellefsen and Soren Skov followup with the album “Westwood” recording in London and produced by Greg Walsh. The album did get a good radiocover in Denmark and became also a hit in Norway.

After the first album Westwood broke up in 1993, and it was actually when they were in the studio to prepare their second album, they decided to split and then the project were closed. But Michael Vesterskov decided to still keep the “Westwood” alive and he recorded a Mini-EP in 1993 and later in 1998 Tenderfoot Records released the album “Blossom From The Dirt” under the Westwood name, but is was actually mostly the works of Michael Vesterskov.

Michael Vesterskov continued to write material and in 2001 he was ready to release his first soloalbum “No Time At All” and has followed it up with the livealbum “Assemblage” in 2002.

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The Stockholm Sessions

Westwood Records 2003

Tracks: The Hubble Gubble Song, How Can We Forget, It Might Be You, I Love You So, Does It Matter Anyway, There Is Nothing We Hade Done - That Can´t Be Undone, Dear Friend, Shower For The People, In A Little While & Hyhm.

Musicians on the Stockholm Sessions album: Michael Vesterskov, Irma Schultz Keller, Niko Rolcke, Bebe Risenfors.


Westwood Records 2002

Tracks: One Day You´re In Next Day You´re Out, Blossom From The Dirt, Sand, My Shadow Dancing, Crazy Day, Once In America, Yellow Fish, Overtalked, Well Well Well & Turned Down The Clown.

Musicians on the Assemblage album: Michael Vesterskov, Rune Holdberg, Soren Skov, Morten Sedenius & Martin Stender.

No Time At All

Sand Records 2001

Tracks: Blossom From The Dirt, No Time At All, Overtalk, My Shadow Dancing, Missing You, The Sun Is In The Sky, They Always Come Back, Always The Better, My Stupid Mind, Stories & Bromzkij Garden.

Musicians on the No Time At All album: Michael Vesterskov, Rune Olesen, Rune Holberg, Troels Skovgaard, Perry F. Stenbeck, Carl Ulrik Munk Andersen, Marianne Mortensen, Niels Eje, Berit Spaelling, Inge Mulvad, Kim Heibon, Jes Jorgensen, Erik Hjortekaer, Hans Dal & Orjan Saetran.

Blossom From The Dirt

Tenderfoot Records 1998

Tracks: I Follow You, Yellow Fish, Well Well Well, Once In America, Mr. Troublemaker, Bromzkij Garden, Sand, Blossom From The Dirt, It Comes When It Comes, Turned Down The Clown, Always The Better & Good People.

Musicians on the Blossom From The Dirt album: Michael Vesterskov, Soren Skov, Kasper Lindhart, Kim Heibon, Morten Sidenius, Mikael K., Jon Micke & Marianne Mortensen.


Sonet Music 1992

Tracks: Once In America, Dancing With The Elephants, Seize The Day, In The Desert, If Things Were Different, The Bullet, People, Easy Sundays, My Captain & Carry Hope.

Musicians on the Westwood album: Michael Vesterskov, Jan Tellefsen, Soren Skov, Troels Skovgaard, Jan Lysdahl, Rune Olsen, Thomas Azuru, Ivan Pedersen, Pia Trojgaard, Marianne Mortensen, Torben Johansen, Henrik Nilsson & Hans Nybo.