The Swedish west coast label…

Between 1994 and 1997 the swedish recordlabel Westcoast Music released 13 albums with the artists Jay Graydon, King Of Hearts, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Tim Feehan, Mark Spiro, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Timothy Drury, Brett Walker & Fee Waybill.

Westcoast Records was based in Stockholm in Sweden, and the owner Håkan Häggblom and his brother Thomas (who worked at Sony Publishing) are two of the greatest ambassadors of top quality westcoast music.

In 1997 the label were closed down. But with their releases they were active in gettin´ the west coast music back on the scene again in Europe, and many artists can give this swedish label big credits with all their helps in gettin´ their albums released.

Some of the releases can still be bought secondhand on the internet, or at your local west coast store.


CD13: West Coast Radio Hits - Rock

Westcoast Records 1997

Tracks: Drown In Your Ocean (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), Right Kind Of Love (Timothy Drury), Working Man - single version - (King Of Hearts), What's Sill Left (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), Silver And Gold - previously unreleased - (Walker Zapper Overdrive), I Know You (Fee Waybill), Yesterday Has Gone - radio edit - (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), All The Love We Kill (Mark Spiro), Lessons Of The Heart (Tim Feehan), Tell Me Why (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), Can't Help Ourselves (Timothy Drury), Surprise Yourself (Fee Waybill), Confidential - previously unreleased - ((Delin/D'vaesta), Wherever This Road May Lead You - previously unreleased - (Steel Horses), Stay Young (Mark Spiro), American Dreamer (Brett Walker And The Railbirds) & Blue Lights (Rake & The Surftones).

Musicians on the West Coast Radio Hits - Rock album: Timothy Drury, Brett Walker, Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Mark Spiro, Fee Waybill, Richard Marx, Marc Jordan, Tim Feehan, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Jay Graydon and others.

CD12: West Coast Radio Hits - Love

Westcoast Records 1997

Tracks: Wishful Thinking (Timothy Drury), It's A Good Thing (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), Don't Call My Name - single version - (King Of Hearts), In The Dark (Mark Spiro), Haunt Me Tonight (Bruce Gaitsch lead vocal: Richard Marx), Where Is Your Love - previously unreleased but in Germany - (Bruce Gaitsch lead vocal: Mark Jordan), Fallin' In Love (Janey Clewer), I Don't Miss You Too (Tim Feehan), Just To Be Loved (Bill Champlin), I'll Set You Free (Timothy Drury), Everything I Want (Brett Walker And The Railbirds), King Of Hearts (King Of Hearts), Somewhere Deep Inside (Fee Waybill), I'll Be Over You (Randy Goodrum), October In Oxnard (Rake & The Surftones), After The Love Is Gone - previously released as single b-side - (King Of Hearts) & It Still Stings - previously unreleased - (Timothy Drury).

Musicians on the West Coast Radio Hits - Love album: Timothy Drury, Brett Walker, Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Richard Marx, Marc Jordan, Tim Feehan, Bill Champlin, Randy Goodrum, Fee Waybill, Jay Graydon and others.

CD11: Fee Waybill - Don´t Be Scared By These Hands

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: I Know You, Tall Dark And Harmless, Shut Up And Love Me, Swing Of Things, Fools Cry, Surprise Yourself, i´ve Seen This Movie Before, Dying Of Delight, What´s Wrong With That & Somewhere Deep Inside.

Musicians on the Don´t Be Scared By These Hands album: Fee Waybill, Richard Marx, Steve Lukather, Ecurb Stiag, Cynthia Rhodes, Bruce Gaitsch, Mario Puzo, Rich Mann, George Bailey, Tommy Denander, Randy Jackson, Jonathan Moffet, Jamie Jazz.

CD10: Rake & The Surftones - "Surfers Drive Woodies"

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: Gotta Woodie Today, Undertow, Run Don't Walk. The Lonely Wave, For Sandi Girl And The Sea Cups, My Woodie, Malibu Pier, Surfin Drums, The Rake Mystery, Bach Goes Surfin', Minute Wave, October In Oxnard, Gettin Air, Blue Lights, Hot Fat Boogie & Surfers The Jam.

Musicians on the "Surfers Drive Woodies" album: Todd LaBrea (Jay Graydon), Sleepy Richard Hueneme (Dean Parks), Yo Wood (Sherwood Ball), Biff "No Pick" Balboa (Sterling Ball), Malibu JC Peters (Jim Cox), "Butt" Powell (Tom Hensley), Ed Hudu (David Hungate), Hot Fat Reynolds (John Ferraro), Honky "Leaky Pad" Beeflat (Dean Parks), Hungus Hudu (David Hungate), Dave "Goofy Hand" Hemosa (Dave Richardson), Stan "Haight" Ashbury (Joseph Williams), Paco Pt. Loma (Jason Scheff), Craig Laguna (Craig Copeland) & Poop Fiction (Steve Lukather).

CD9: Brett Walker - Brett Walker And The Railbirds

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: Look A Little Closer, Can´t Stay Too Long, Tell Me Why, What´s Still Left, Drown In Your Ocean, Rain Dance, It´s A Good Thing, Yesterday Has Gone, Everything I Want, I Could Be Wrong, Take Me To The River & American Dreamer.

Musicians on the Brett Walker And The Railbirds album: Brett Walker, Tommy Cain, Brad Zapper, Brian Jones, Jonathan Cain, Ricky Philips, Schuyler Deale & Marty Rifkin.

CD8: Timothy Drury - S.T.

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: Right Kind Of Love, Can´t Help Ourselves, I Know You, Kiss You Like This, I´ll Set You Free, What We Can´t Have, Wishful Thinking, State Of Grace, Can´t Think Straight, I Know I´m In Heaven & Leap Of Faith.

Musicians on the Timothy Drury album: Timothy Drury, Rick Neigher, Daniel O´Brian, Mark Browne, Ron Komie, Val McCallum, Marilyn Martin, Michael Hakes, Chris Ralles, Michael Gonzales & Ray Rahl.

CD7: Janey Clewer - Clewer

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: Tell Me It's Not Over, Won't Go Back, Falling in Love, Can't Let You Go With My Heart, Two Shooting Stars, Love Like No Other I've Known Scent of A Woman, I'm Losing You, Catch And Kiss The Sun, Even If You Walk Away & There Is A Quiet Place.

Musicians on the Janey album: Janey Clewer, Bruce Gaitsch, Dave Boruff, Randy Waldman, Bill Champlin, Richard Marx, Marc Jordan & Michael Fisher.

CD6: Bruce Gaitsch - A Lyre In The Windstorm

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: That's When I Fell, On The Way, Haunt Me Tonight, Colorado, Heartbeat, Everyday Thing, Dreams, Two Kinds Of Love, Love In The Afternoon, God Only Knows & Coda.

Musicians on the A Lyre In The Windstorm album: Marc Jordan, Richard Marx, Bill Champlin, Timothy B. Schmit, Janey Clewer, Tamara Champlin, Amy Sky, George Hawkins, Randy Waldman, Paulinho Da Costa, John Patitucci, Billy Ward, Dave Boruff & Greg Phillinganes.

CD5: Mark Spiro - Now Is Then, Then Is Now

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: All The Love We Kill, English Channel, Stay Young, In The Dark, Around You, Wind On The Water, Son With The Walking Shoes, London Is Burning, Dancing With Einstein, Through My Eyes, Light In The Darkness.

Musicians on the Now Is Then, Then Is Now album: Mark Spiro, Tim Pierce & Michael Thompson.

CD4: Tim Feehan - Pray For Rain

Westcoast Records 1996

Tracks: Worth A Fight, If Ever You Need Someone, When The Mariner Sails, Yo Te Quiero, When You Think Of Me, Mother Superior, You Should Be Mine, Lessons Of The Heart, I Don't Miss You Too, Pray For Rain, Do It All Over & Magic Hour.

Musicians on the Pray For Rain album: Tim Feehan, Gene Black, Michael Thompson, Louis Sedmak, Chrissy Steele & Jeff Paris.

CD3: Randy Goodrum - Collection

Westcoast Records 1995

Tracks: 20-20, I´ll Be Over You, Heather´s Money, Here Today And Gone Tomorrow, Piddlin´ Around, I Took A Chance, Love Lies, Bluer Than Blue, Mustang Sally, Who's Holdin Donna Now, Touch & Flying.

Musicians on the Words And Music album: Randy Goodrum, Chet Atkins, Michael Landau, Jay Graydon, Bob Man, Brandon Fields & Neil Stubenhaus.

CD2: Bill Champlin - Through It All

Westcoast Records 1994

Tracks: I Must Have Been A Foul, Turn Your Love Around, Just To Be Loved, Proud Of Our Blindness, Come On In, Sound Of The Rain, Through It All, In The Heat Of The Night, Little Sister & Light Up The Candles.

Musicians on the Through It All album: Bill Champlin, Dennis Matkosky, Tom Saviano, Greg Mathieson, Bruce Gaitsch, Tamara Champlin, Gardner Cole, Abraham Laboriel, Kiki Ebsen, Mike Murphy, Danny Pelfrey, Dave Koz, Lee Thornberg & Rick Baptiste.

CD1: King OF Hearts - S.T.

Westcoast Records 1994

Tracks: Land of Dreams, Lovin' Arms, Working Man, Don't Call My Name, I Want You, The Night The Angels Cried, My Desire, Love Will Return, Close My Eyes, King Of Hearts & Forever.

Musicians on the King of Hearts album: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Kelly Keagy, CJ Vanston, George Hawkins, Timothy B Schmit, Randy Meisner & Bill Champlin.