A tribute to Warren Wiebe

Born to the union of Abraham and Ruby Wiebe in San Diego, Warren Wiebe was a child who soon discovered a great love of music. At the age of 14 he formed his first band, Mankind, while enrolled at San Diego’s Crawford High School, a place that turned out an inordinate amount of talented performers, such as Nathan East, Carl Evans Jr, Hollis Gentry, and Kathy Najimy. Warren just loved to sing. He could do a perfect Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, James Brown, Paul Rodgers, or Garth Brooks. And all this without a single vocal lesson in his life. He never practiced or studied music. He had the uncanny ability to learn a song perfectly in one pass and then be ready to roll tape and lay it down.

Warren started his musical journey in San Diego doing trio gigs as a bass player with one of his best friends, Brian Price, and culminated his career in Los Angeles by singing with the best of the best, under the guidance of David Foster (taken in by Foster under his own wing.)

Quick Card:
Name: Warren R. Wiebe
Date of Birth: July 18th, 1953
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Astrological signs: Cancer (Snake in Chinese horoscope)
Qualities: Professionalism and discipline
Favorite singer: Stevie Wonder
Favorite food: Tacos
Musical instrument: Bass

Over the years, he surrounded himself with all kinds of people, and he never lost sight that he considered himself in the group of the many, instead of the group of the few. Although he certainly belonged in the group of the few, he never acted it. He always remained down to earth and approachable. His ego was unique in that he never criticized any person or situation. In any given week, he could have been found performing in front of thousands with Celine Dion, recording with David Foster, and performing at a low-key unknown wedding in San Diego; but he never gave the impression that any one gig was better than another.

He touched many hearts with his ministry of music …and he touched many hearts with his passing. Warren left us on October 25, 1998. A day that many of his best friends hated to think about, but also the day that they feared that would someday come to pass. In his own special way, he touched the lives of everyone. His talent was only surpassed by his caring, kindness, and generosity towards others. He always put his family, friends, and others before himself. He was and extraordinary human being and he always kept his considerable inner suffering to himself. His selflessness never waived. His plan in life was simple: To perform the very best he could, and that is just what he always did. God graced him with the kind of sweet humility we all should aspire to, and he gave him the most perfect singing voice that I think we’ll ever hear.

His two sisters, Jeanne (Vernon) Johnson and Ranee (Jerry) Guill, his 6 nieces and nephews Shawn, Jeremy, Michael, Marla, Tracy and Troy, and his many, many friends in the places he lived: San Diego and Los Angeles, will honor him always. He was preceded in passing by his father Abraham H. Wiebe, his brother William Wiebe and his best friend, his mother Ruby Wiebe Goodrich, a native of Oklahoma and a resident of San Diego for 50 years. She passed away in February 1997 at the age of 84.

It is my deepest regret that Warren has passed on to a new journey in time. But I’m sure God will grant him a place of comfort, light, and peace. My love for you, Warren, shall remain eternal. You will forever be in my heart, my friend… I love you, I miss you, and God knows that I will honor you for the rest of time.

Gabriel Raya

Please have a look at the Warren Wiebe Official website. Here you can read much more about Warren and his work, see a lot of pictures, hear soundclips etc. This website is a very informative about Warren Wiebe, a tribute to the singer that gave us a lot of great moments.

Warren Wiebe Official Website
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Discography (from warrenwiebe.com)

Original Demos Featuring Warren Wiebe

Contante & Sonante 2018

Tracks: The Colour Of My Love *, Live Each Day *, Never Take That Chance Again, Love Made Me Wait *, A Little Thing Called Life, The Echo Of Your Whisper, You’re Welcome In My Life, Spend A Little Time With You *, 17 Years, Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do, The Day I First Saw You *, Lorelei *, Don’t Tell My Heart * & Make A Wish * (* PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED).

Musicians on the Original Demos Featuring Warren Wiebe album: Warren Wiebe, David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Tonio K., Steve Dorrf, Tom Snow, Cecilia Gardner, Scott Fuller, Guy Thomas, Tim Feehan and others.

Tomi Malm - Walkin´On Air

Contante & Sonante 2017

Featured on track: Show Me A Sign (with ZoSia).

Burt Bacharach & Tonio K. - Original Demoes

Constante & Sonante 2017

Feature on track: Never Take That Chance Again.

Gardner & Fuller - Original Demos

Contante & Sonante 2016

Featured on tracks: 17 Years, Slip Away, Nothing That I Wouldn't Do & This Blue Tattoo.

Various Artists - Velvet Original Soundtrack

Universal Music 2014

Featured on track: For Your Love, Carrie.

Tom Snow - Original Demos

Contante & Sonante 2013

Featured on tracks: Beauty Outside Beauty Within, It's Not The End Of The World, Time To Be Lovers, Town Of Dreams, You're Welcome In My Life, I Must Have Been Blind, I Can See Forever, That's What Love Can Do, We're All In This Together, Ronnie-O, Love Has A Mind Of Its Own & Bridges Of The Heart.

Contante & Sonante - Highlights & Rarities

Contante & Sonante 2011

Featured on tracks: A Little Thing Called Life, Kindred Spirits, Somewhere In Time & My Angel's Voice.

Various Artists - Fly Away (Song Of David Foster)

Contante & Sonante 2009

Featured on track: Live Each Day.

Hank Easton - Snapshot

Hank Easton 2007

Featured on tracks: Show Me A Sign & Show Me A Sign (unplugged).

Urs Wiesendanger - Somebody New

Contante & Sonante 2005

Featured on tracks: Somebody New, Hold Me & Somebody New (Jazzy Version).

Steve Dorff - Original Demos

Contante & Sonante 2004

Tracks: A Little Thing Called Life, And Still Run Out Of Time, I Never Stopped Loving You, True Love At Last, Kindred Spirits, The Echo Of Your Whisper, Everytime You Cross My Mind, Love’s The Silver Lining, The Wait Was Worth The Angel, In Love’s Name, I Just Fall In Love Again, Before We Kiss Tonight Goodbye & Somewhere In Time.

Musicians on the Original Demos album: Steve Dorff & Warren Wiebe.

Various Artists - Camp Original Soundtrack

Decca Records 2003

Featured on track: I Believe In Us.

Urs Wiesendanger - The Real Me

Fast Peak Recordings 2002

Featured on the track: Another Chance for Love (with Jerrie Lynn).

Jim Centorino - Portraits Of America

Centorino Productions 2001

Featured on track: Going Home (with Amber Whitlock).

Crolius - S.T.

Crolius 2000

Featured on the track: The One.

Various Artists - AOR Groovin´& Breezin´

Cool Sound Records 2000

Featured on track: Heart Don't Change My Mind.

Robbie Buchanan - Original Demos

Cool Sound Records 2000

Featured on track: I Will Be The Last One.

Visionary - Highest Calling

Mt. Tamalpais Records 1999

Featured on track: Anything For You (with Bill Champlin).

Tom Snow - Charted Hits & Rare Recordings

Snow Music 1998

Featured on track: Ronnie-O.

Evan Marks - Three Day Weekend

Polygram Records 1998

Featured on tracks: Days Gone By (with Lynn Davis) & Keeps Me Hangin' On (with Lynn Davis, Rachel Asher and Calvin Baugh).

Various Artists - Silent Mobius Vol.2 O.S.T.

Ayers Inc. 1998

Featured on track: Can We Bring The Love In.

Diane Warren - A Passion For Music

Realsongs 1997

Featured on tracks: A Smile As Beautiful As Yours (with Jossie Warnel), I Can't Change The Way You Don't Feel, I Don't want To Be Alone For Christmas & Why Goodbye.

Various Artists - World Jam, Oceans To Ozone

Worldwide Records 1997

Featured on track: Before The Fall.

Yukiko Ito - Good Times, Bad Times

SEI Records 1997

Featured on track: Put Your Head On My Shoulder (with Yukiko Ito).

Various Artists - Bacharach... Applause

King Records 1997

Featured on track: On My Own (with Lalah Hathaway).

Mark Portmann - No Truer Words

Zebra Records 1997

Featured on track: Here I Go Again.

Art Wasem - Art

Karosene Dreams 1996

Featured on tracks: I'll Wait For You & Endlessly.

Miho Morikawa - Solista

EMI Records 1996

Featured on track: Here With Me (with Miho Morikawa).

Pepper Williams - Don´t Let Me Down

Jahwit Music Co. 1996

Featured on track: This World Of Ours.

Gundam X - Human Touch

Ayers Inc. 1996

Tracks: Human Touch, Human Touch (Instrumental Version) & Human Touch (Off Vocal Version).

Musicians on the Human Touch single: Warren Wiebe and others

Various Artists - Stars On Disney Now!

What´s Music 1995

Featured on tracks: Can Your Feel The Love Tonight & When You Wish Upon A Star.

Various Artists - Stuart Saves His Family O.S.T.

Milan 1995

Featured on track: What Makes A Family.

Quincy Jones - Q´s Jook Joint

Qwest Records 1995

Featured on track: Is It Love That We're Missing (with Gloria Estefan).

Joe Hisaishi - Melody Blvd.

Pioneer Records 1995

Featured on tracks: Two Of Us & Stand Alone.

Hank Easton - Show Me A Sign

Hank Easton 1995

Featured on tracks: Show Me A Sign & Show Me A Sign (Reprise).

Various Artists - Love Stories 3

Media Remoras 1994

Featured on track: True Love.

Various Artists - One Life To Life

SBK Records 1994

Featured on track: Goodbye

Mike Gealer - In The Park

Positive Music 1994

Featured on track: Father To Son.

Jay Graydon - Airplay For The Planet

Toshiba EMI 1993

Featured on tracks: Roxann & You're Not Alone.

Max Bennett & The Maxx Band - Great Expectations

Chase Music Group 1993

Featured on track: Why Oh Why.

Celine Dion - Celebration (Cassette)

Sony Music 1992

Featured on track: Listen To Me (with Celine Dion).

Various Artists - Re-Import

Polystar Records 1992

Featured on track: Mid-Summer Blossoms.

Various Artists - Goodys

BMG Victor 1992

Featured on track: The Last Holy Night.

Various Artists - Voices That Care

Giant Records 1992

Featured on track: Voices That Care (Demo).

Sadao Watanabe - Sweet Deal

WEA Records 1991

Featured on tracks: Old Photograph & Only Love.

Sadao Watanabe - Vocal Collection

WEA Records 1991

Featured on tracks: Old Photograph & Only Love.

Wendy Swanson - Solo Desire

Harvest Records 1991

Featured on track: We Need Each Other (with Wendy Swanson and Tommy Funderburk).

David Foster - River Of Love

Atlantic Records 1990

Featured on tracks: River of Love (with Bryan Adams and Hamish Stuart), Walkaway, This Must Be Love (with Jeff Pescetto), Is There a Chance & Living for the Moment.

Mark Lessman - More Or Less

ML 1989

Featured on track: Say It Isn't So.

Flight 7 - Sky High

Richard David Productions 1988

Featured on tracks: West Coast Love Affair & Wake Me Up.