From CCM to west coast music…

Mark Williamson has been very active at the Contemporary Christian Music front and together with Chris Eaton, he has written a lot of great songs.

In 1989 he teamed up with studiodrummer John “J.R.” Robinson and formed the duo Bridge 2 Far. The only release from them was a fantastic album in the AOR west coast music style, and with great musicians such as: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Neil Stubenhaus, Freddie Washington, David Paich, Larry Williams and many more.

After Bridge 2 Far Mark Williamson toured and recorded from 92 – 98 with French mega star Veronique Sanson. He then left the band to become on-camera band leader for NBC’s nationally syndicated ‘The Arthel & Fred Show’.

At the same period he was featured vocalist with The Rippingtongs and in 1994 together with bandleader Russ Freeman (Rippingtons) they produced the debut album “Time Slipping By”, that was released at the GRP Records label.

In 2000 a 4 track cd with the very nice song “You´re So Beautiful were released at the japanese TriCycle label. A song that was used in a commercial TV spot. With this song Mark Williamson got more involved in scoring tv and scores of jingles etc.

Together with his partner from the Bridge 2 Far project, Legendary drummer John JR Robinson, Mark Williamson teamed up with guitar virtuoso Michael Thompson in the early 90’s to form TRW. A fairly blazing deluxe classic rock band. In the summer 2007 they recording their first album and signed a deal with the Italian label Frontiers Records. The album titled “Rivers Of Paradise” has now been released in Europe.

Selected Discography

You´re So Beautiful

Tricycle Entertainment 2000

Tracks: You´re So Beautiful, What Do I Have To Do, My Home Is Still Your Heart & You´re So Beautiful (karaoke mix).

Musicians on the You´re So Beautiful album: Mark Williamson, Marc Hugenberger, Michael Hakes, Michael Thompson, Neil Stubenhaus, Catte Adams, David Allen Baker & Robbie Wyckoff.

Time Slipping By

Peak Records 1994

Tracks: Got To Be A Better Way, Prayer For The Children, Over And Over, Tears Like Rain, Look At Us Now, Can´t Let Go, Time Slipping By, A Little Loving, Sweet Love, More Than Alone, Closing In & We´d Be Together.

Musicians on the Time Slipping By album: Mark Williamson, Russ Freeman, Michael Thompson, Leland Sklar, Mike Baird, Dave Cook, Eric Marienthal, Lance Ellington, Annie McCaig, Joe Gallo, Art Wood, Phil Perry, James Gilstrap, Pino Palladion, Chris Eaton, John Savannah Snow, Robin Bolt, Nigel Pegrum, Tom Coster Jr, Walt Fowler, Steve Medio, Bruce Fowler, Vince Cross, Bill Thorp, Anthony Moffatt, Katie Heller, Sue Dorey & Jocelyn Brown.

Cover Me

Marshall Records 1985

Tracks: If I Have To Climb, Trust Him, This Time, Cover Me, I Turn To You, He Weeps For Our Tears, I Love You, Give It Up, Lifetime Guarantee & Staying Close And Going Far.

Musicians on the Cover Me album: Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton and others.

Missing In Action

Myrrh Records 1984

Tracks: Come on Over (to my heart), Missing in Action, Really Takes Care, The Voice, Deception, Better Way, Seven 8 8, Give it Up, Lifetime Guarantee & Where Do We Go from Here?.

Musicians on the Missing In Action album: Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton, Rob Marshall & Mark N. Millin.

Get The Drift

Chapel Lane Productions 1980

Tracks: Midnight Diamond, All Very Well, Junior, Somebody Told Me, So Far So Good, Dance, Don't Turn Your Back, Feeling Alright, Rising & I Would Have Listened.

Musicians on the Get The Drift album: Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton, Rob Marshall & Mark N. Milin.

So Far So Good

Grapevine Records 1979

Tracks: Hold On Me, Living Is Easy, I Need You, Susanne, Join The Revolution, Promises, You Gotta Get Up, Stockholm Song, Keepin' On & Favour.

Musicians on the So Far So Good album: Mark Williamson, Chris Eaton and others.

Mark Williamson

Grapevine Records 1978

Tracks: Glory Glory, Easy Come And Go, If You Hadn't Done, Without A Doubt, Memories, It Doesn't Really Matter, This Man's Jesus, Walking On The Water, Because Of You, Live In Me, This Life Is Living & Out Of The Blue.

Musicians on the Mark Williamson album: Mark Williamson and others.