A west coast pop vocalist…..

In 1983, Jack Wagner and his alter ego joined the cast of F as the lead singer of Blackie Parrish’s band Riff Raff. The show was lacking in younger leading men and with John Stamos’ possible departure, Executive Producer Gloria Monty began touting Jack as “GH’s next big thing”. When John Stamos and his character bid Port Charles adieu, Monty quickly paired Frisco with a leading lady – Tania Roskov. As Frisco was a singer, it naturally followed that he would serenade his ladylove. The song of choice was “All I Need”.

“All I Need” quickly caught the attention of viewers and prompted GH’s Music Director to pair Jack with a label to get the song released. Soon after, mega producer Quincy Jones signed Jack to his record label Qwest Records. In 1984, “All I Need” was released as a five single EP along with several of the songs performed by Jack’s fictional band Riff Raff.

As Frisco and Jack’s popularity skyrocketed, Gloria Monty decided that it was time for Frisco to get an epic romance. With Luke and Laura out of the picture, the show lacked a true supercouple. Enter Felicia and another love theme from the full LP release of “All I Need”. Frisco and Felicia’s song was the tender ballad “Lady of My Heart”, which will eternally define this couple. The release of the LP also gave Jack the opportunity to star in the rarely seen music video for the single “Premonition”.

In 1985, Jack released his second album entitled “Lighting Up the Night”. The first release from the album was the ode to lost love “Too Young”. The second album marked Jack’s first foray into songwriting as the co-writer of the tracks “Keep Holding On” and “Let’s Start All Over”. The second release from the album was “Love Will Take Us All the Way”, which was to become Frisco and Felicia’s second love theme. The soulful ballad, along with its steamy music video, got Jack noticed by a more contemporary and diverse audience with heavy rotation on the cable channels VH-1 and BET. The song even gave Jack the opportunity to perform on the syndicated “Soul Train”, which was a rarity for a pop singer at the time.

In 1987, Jack released his third album. Ironically, the album was entitled “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job”, which was exactly what Jack planned to do. The featured release from the album was the up-tempo “Weatherman Says”. The song was also promoted with a stylish music video. This album helped Jack continue his creative evolution as the songwriter and/or producer of “Love…Find It”, “Lovers in the Night”, “It’s Been a Long Time” and the life affirming “Back Home Again”.

After a two-year return to his theatrical roots, Jack made his way back to General Hospital in 1989. Upon his return, he presented the producers with a tune he’d penned for his forthcoming album. The song was “The Right Key” and Jack felt it was the perfect song for the star-crossed Frisco and the lady of his heart, Felicia. The song caught on with GH viewers when Frisco serenaded Felicia with an acoustic rendition of the tune. Unfortunately, Jack was in the middle of changing record labels and the new album, produced by 80’s sensation Ray Parker Jr., was shelved.

Six years after the release of his last album, Jack gave his fans “Alone in a Crowd” in 1993. He again had the opportunity to write and produce many tracks, but this time, the songs gave the audience a look at the personal journey of Jack Wagner. The lyrics were peppered with acknowledgments of love, adoration and hope for his family. Most notably, “Keeper of Your Name” was a tribute to his father while “Part of Me” was a tribute to his son. On another personal note, the album’s title was representative of Jack’s disillusionment with the recording industry.  However, the songs “To Be Mine” and “Love is on Your Mind” which he performed on the TV series “Santa Barbara”, were included.

In 2003, Jack joined the cast of the internationally acclaimed daytime drama “The Bold & the Beautiful”. After Jack’s character Nick Payne performed the Eric Clapton classic “Wonderful Tonight”, B&B Executive Producer Brad Bell decided that he wanted to incorporate music into Nick’s storyline. He convinced Jack to create a tune for his character’s lady love Brooke. Jack and his writing partner penned the ethereal “Going Back Again” . Jack continued to write songs for his character, which would eventually become the basis for his 2005 CD “Dancing in the Moonlight”. The CD marked Jack’s first release in twelve years.

In 2007, a remastered edition of Jack’s debut CD “All I Need” was released. The CD included liner notes written by writer/mega-producer Glen Ballard who recalled Jack’s commitment and admirable work ethic.

In 2011, Jack released  “Will the Rain Fall Down”, co-written by Jeff Pescetto, on iTunes.  The song was featured on The Bold and the Beautiful as well.  Jack continues to play concerts around the country, most frequently returning to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.

Words from the official Jack Wagner website.


Dancing In The Moonlight

B B & J Records 2005

Tracks: Bring It On, Dancing In The Moonlight, Shoo-Be-Doo-Dah, Soul Reason, Give It To Me, Die Tryin´, American Dream, Still Water, Shoulda Known Better, Going Back Again, One Life & The Ways Of Love.

Musicians on the Dancing In The Moonlight album: Jack Wagner, Jeff Pescetto, Jeff Paris, Peter Wolf, Kayla Parker, Jesse Barish, Paul Warren & Mikal Reid.

Alone In A Crowd

BFE Records 1993

Tracks are: Love Is On Your Mind, Krystal Blu Persuasion, It´s My Baby Too, Heart On The Line, (You´re The) Only One Who Knows, Love Don´t Come Easy, Stay Where You Are, Part Of Me, To Be Mine & Keeper Of Your Name.

Musicians on the Alone In A Crowd album: Jack Wagner, Jeff Pescetto, Laura Hunter, Theresa James, Edie Lehmann, Warren Wiebe, Penny Ford, Dave Koz, Steven Dubin, Mitchell Forman, Kevin Savigar, Tim Heintz, Paula Irvine, Paul Warren, Tim Pierce, Josh Sklar, Mikal Reid, John Pierce, Tal Bergman, Paulinho Da Costa, Mike Baird, Randy Waldman, Glen Ballard & Basil Fung.

Don´t Give Up Your Day Job

Qwest Records 1987

Tracks: Weatherman Says, Island Fever, Love...Find It, It´s What We Don´t Say, Easy Way Out, Common Man, Lovers In The Night, Sneakin´ Supicions, It´s Been A Long Time & Back Home Again.

Musicians on the Don´t Give Up Your Day Job album: Jack Wagner, Randy Kerber, Paul Leim, Nick Kirgo, Joe Turano, John Batdorf, Brie Howard, Tomy Humecke, John Farrar, Paulinho Da Costa, Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel, Glen Ballard, Clif Magness, Joel Peskin, Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Oren Waters, Edie Lehmann, Brie Howard, Siedah Garrett, John Hobbs, Joe Chemay, Tony Peluso, Jim Lang, John Van Tongeren, Michael Landau, Joe Pizzulo, Gary Falcone, Roger Freeland, David Logeman, Nathan East, Paul Warren, Mike Egizi, Jack Bruno, Dann Huff, Robbie Buchanan & Bryan McDonald.

Lighting Up The Night

Qwest Records 1985

Tracks: Keep Holdin' On, Lighting Up The Night, I'll Be There, Just Tell Her, Too Young, Let's Start All Over, If She Loves Like She Looks, I Never Said Goodbye, With Your Eyes & Love Can Take Us All The Way

Musicians on the Lighting Up The Night album: Jack Wagner, Tommy Faragher, Jai Winding, John Van Tongeren, Marcel East, David Foster, Greg Phillinganes, Glen Ballard, Larry Williams, Clif Magness, Dan Huff, Dennis Herring, Michael Landau, Hercules Dinwiddie, Mike Baird, Davey Faragher, Nathan East, Dennis Belfield, Joel Peskin, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Paulinho Da Costa, Valerie Carter, Siedah Garrett, Edie Lehmann, Jon Joyce, Murray Adler, Beri Garabedian, Mary Lundquist, Ronald Folsom, Gordon Marron, Jay Rosen, John Wittenberg, Peter Kent, Kenneth Burward-Hoy, Allan Harshman, Raymond Kelley & Paul Hochhatler.

All I Need

Qwest Records 1984

Tracks: Premonition, What You Don't Know, Whenever Hearts Collide, Fighting The Nights, All I Need, Make Me Believe It, Sneak Attack, After The Fact, Tell Him (That's You Won't Go) & Lady Of My Heart.

Musicians on the All I Need album: Jack Wagner, Pat Mastelotto, Davey Faragher, Tom Keane, John Van Tongeren, Sam Bryant, Bill Elliot, Mark Vieha, Clif Magness, Michael Thompson, Jerry Peterson, Siedah Garrett, Edie Lehmann & Rosemary Butler.