Gary Malcolm Wright is an American singer, songwriter and musician, best known for his 1976 hit songs “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive”, and for his role in helping establish the synthesizer as a leading instrument in rock and pop music.

Wright’s breakthrough album, The Dream Weaver (1975), came after he had spent seven years in London as, alternately, a member of the British heavy rock band Spooky Tooth and a solo artist on A&M Records.

While in England, he played keyboards on former Beatle George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass triple album (1970), so beginning a friendship that inspired the Indian religious themes and spirituality inherent in Wright’s subsequent songwriting.

His work since the late 1980s has embraced world music and the new age genre, although none of his post-1976 releases has matched the popularity of The Dream Weaver.

Selected Discography

The Right Place

Warner Bros 1981

Tracks: Intro, Heartbeat, Really Wanna Know You, Got The Feelin', Love Is A Rose, Right Place, More Than A Heartache, Close To You, Comin' Apart & Positive Feelings.

Musicians on the Right Place album: Gary Wright, Dean Parks, Marty Walsh, George Hawkins, Bob C. Benberg, James Gadson, Tris Imboden, David Kemper, Lenny Castro, Rod Piazza, David Pack, Timothy B. Schmit & Lorna Wright.


Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Keep Love In Your Soul, Love's Awake Inside, You Don't Own Me, Moonbeams, Stand, I'm The One Who'll Be By Your Side, Follow Next To You, I Can Feel You Cryin', Let Me Feel Your Love Again & Love Is Why.

Musicians on the Headin´Home album: Gary Wright, Roland Bautista, Buzz Feiten, Steve Lukather, Hugh McCracken, Fred Tackett, Michael Boddicker, Neil Larsen, Bobbie Lyle, Jai Winding, Harvey Mason, Andy Newmark, Jeff Porcaro, Alan White, Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Ralph Humphries, Emil Richards, Audie Watkins, Jim Horn, David Crosby, Venetta Fields, Michael McDonald, Sherlie Matthews, Graham Nash & Lorna Wright.

Touch And Gone

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Touch And Gone, Starry Eyed, Something Very Special, Stay Away, Night Ride, Sky Eyes, Lost In My Emotions, Can't Get Above Losing You & The Love It Takes.

Musicians on the Touch And Gone album: Gary Wright, Richard Baker, Bobby Lyle, Gary Mielke, Peter Reilich, Hiroshi Upshur, Art Wood, Venetta Fields, Clydie King & Sherlie Matthews.

The Light Of Smiles

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Water Sign, Time Machine, I Am The Sky, Who Am I, Silent Fury, Phantom Writer, The Light Of Smiles, I'm Alright, Empty Inside, Are You Weepin' & Child Of Light.

Musicians on the Light Of Smiles album: Gary Wright, Jay Graydon, Mike Porcaro, David Foster, Peter Reilich, Jim Keltner, Art Wood, David Pomeranz, Betty Sweet, Justin Wright & Lorna Wright.