Writer of the “Automatic” song…

Singer, songwriter, musician and producer Brock Walsh has worked together with The Pointer Sisters, Andrew Gold, Bette Midler, Christina Aguilera, Karla Bonoff and others. Some of his well-known songs are “Automatic” performed by Pointer Sisters in 1984, “Blessed” by Christina Aguilera and “Lullaby In Blue” performed by Bette Midler.

His solo debut album “Dateline:Tokyo” was released in 1983 but only for Japanese market. After that Brock Walsh focused on writing songs to other artists and it was first in 1995 with the project “Brother Time” he were back again with the release “Just The Beginning”.

In 2001, Brock Walsh’s unreleased songs collection album recorded in recent years was released on the japanes Cool Sound label. The Opening tune “Blessed” is self-cover version of the tune known by Christina Aguilera on her debut album. Track 2 “Lullaby In Blue” is also self-cover version of the tune originally performed by Bette Midler on her 1998 album “Bathhouse Betty”.


Songs From The Moon Room

Cool Sound Records 2001

Tracks: Blessed, Lullaby In Blue, When I Was Rich, Wishing Well, Don´t Forget My Name, One World, A Map Of Paris, I Could Go On Forever, Castaway, Little Love & Everyone Goes.

Musicians on the Songs From The Moon Room album: Brock Walsh and others.


Warner Pioneer Records 1983

Tracks: Dateline:Tokyo, After The Lights Go On, Mystery Girl, Mystified, This Time, Paper Doll, Radical Moves, Sweet Emotion, Getting Over Losing You & Out Special Love.

Musicians on the Dateline:Tokyo album: Brock Walsh, Andrew Gold, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Michael Botts, Beau Segal, Veyler Hildebrand, Scott Chambers, Kenny Edwards, Bryan Garofalo, Brad Palmer, Davey Faragher, Bill Elliott, Steve Leonard, John Van Tongeren, Paul Fox, Tom Faragher, Ricky Lyon, Dennis Herring, Irs Ingbar, Greg Prestopino, Matthew Wilder, Joy Walsh, Bryan Cumming & Jay Leslie.