Vertigo is the studio project featuring former Toto singer Joseph Williams in a melodic rock mood, together with famed bass player and producer Fabrizio Grossi (Glenn Hughes, House of Lords, Starbreaker, Danny Vaughn, Starship etc.).

Williams return on the market in 2003 with Vertigo’s first chapter – featuring a sound style based on classic melodic rock – was greeted with much commercial and critical acclaim. It was therefore a natural step for everyone involved to make soon plans for a follow up release.


Frontiers Records 2006

Tracks: In The Blink Of An Eye, All For You, Hold Me, Part Of Me, Holy, I Wanna Live Forever, Save It All Alone, Picking Up The Pieces, Together (Good-bye So Long) & There´s A Reason.

Musicians on the Vertigo 2 album: Joseph Williams, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, Jason Scheff, Virgil Donati, Alex Masi, Masayoshi Yamasuka & David Harris.


Frontiers Records 2003

Tracks: Not Enough Hours In The Night, Straight To Your Heart, More Than Enough, Never Let You Go, I Don´t Want To Go, I Want To Be Wanted, China Sky, Love Is Blind, When It Doesn´t Matter, Sarah, Vertigo & More Than Enough (Acoustic Version).

Musicians on the Vertigo album: Joseph Williams, Francis Benitez, Fabrizio V. Zee Grossi, Alex De Rosso, Biggs Brice & JM Scattolin.