Vocal pop group with touch of west coast…

Triple & Touch is much more than just a performing group from Sweden. Since the group started in 1983, Ken Wennerholm and Goran Rudbo has done just about everything a performing group can do. When it comes to hosting or doing TV shows, concert series and showcases T&T find no limit s in the making.

T&T may perform just the two of them, or along with a symphony orchestra, along with their own band or a Big Band. Their music is always presented with lots of humour and warmth and their skills as musicians needs no comparison.

T&T are often used during bigger events. It may be during the Opening of World Championships in Athletics in Gothenburg, Sweden 1995, or when Miriam Makeba recieved the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm 2002. Their TV Show `Music Hunters´ was nominated twice to compete for “The Golden Rose” in Montreux. T&T have also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest and represented Sweden, when the Swedish Boat `Gotheborg´ most recently visited China.

When Star School was initiated in 2005, T&T was employed as Musical Directors and as Star School Ambassadors. Ken and Goran see their work in the Star School Project as their biggest challenge of their career and they believe that using music, as a tool for reaching the youth of Southafrica, is as effective as it is exciting.

Words and picture from the official website.


Duetter I Stereo

Triple Records 2000

Tracks: I Stereo, Nu Har Hon En Affar, Dumma Dumma Sprit, Kan Jag Fa Lagga Till Hos Dig?, Bubbla, Kanske Aldrig Borde Tankt, Battringsvagen 34 B, Stereotyper, Videoter, Ta Det Kallt, Vart Tog Vagen Vagen?, Lyckliga Gatan, Sangen Om Seb, En Doft Av Honung, Utombordara Inombords & Noll.

Musicians on the Duetter I Stereo album: Goran Rudbo, Ken Wennerholm, Fredrik Bergman, Thomas Darelid, Tomas Olsson, Par Edwardson, Fredrik Lidin, Jonas Lundberg, Johan Stromberg, Jan Zirk, Per Umaerus, Cenneth Almgren, Hakan Glante, Thomas Hagby, Magnus Stromberg, Jan Anders Bjerger, Martin Hedstrom & Lasse Kroner.

De 3 Vise Mannen

Kommunikation Skivor 1998

Tracks: Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus, In Dulci Jubilo, En Stjarne Lyser I Natt, Nar Det Lider Mot Jul, Betlehems Stjarna, Himmelens Klockor, Ding Dong Merrily On High, Det Ar En Ros Utsprungen, Free, Ljuset Fra Betlehems Stjarna, Jul Jul Stalande Jul & Valsignelsen.

Musicians on the De 3 Vise Mannan album: Goran Rudbo, Ken Wennerholm, Lasse Kroner, Per Koldstad, Trond Lien, Per Hillerstad, Rolf Graf, Svein Dag Hauge, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Oslo Gospel Choir, Sissel, Kim Sjogren & The Little Mermaid String Quartet.

1000 Gånger

Grapevine Label 1996

Tracks: Dina Platser, Drommarnas O, Karlek Pa Fotografi, Karlavagnen, Fanga Vinden, Har Ifran, 1000 Ganger, Bara En Sekund, Staden Har Sitt Eget Ljus, Vara Pa Vag & Alltid Dina Ord.

Musicians on the 1000 Ganger album: Goran Rudbo, Ken Wennerholm, Lasse Kroner, Per Hillestad, Per Kolstad, Rolf Graf, Svein Dag Hauge & Hans-Fredrik Jacobsen.

Triple & Touch

Sweden Music 1993

Tracks: Coola Ner, Ta Av Dig Kladerne, Ungmon Dansar, Two To Tango, Where´s That Rythm?, Bara Du, Regnet Faller, Laika, Pa Golvet, Speedybus Maximus, Ljuset & Pata-Pata.

Musicians on the Triple & Touch album: Goran Rudbo, Ken Wennerholm, Lasse Kroner, Jonas Lundberg, Johan Stromberg, P. Hovensjo, Thomas Darelid, Cenneth Almgren, Par Edwardson, M. Hedstrom, M. Eklundh, T. Berndtsson, S. Sporsen, L. Grahn, L G. Carlsson, Frank Adahl, O. Magnell, J. Fjellkegard. R. Jardemark, J. Landqvist, Ake Nilsson, M. Nilsson, Jan Zirk, E. Gullbransson, J. Borgstrom, T. Jardelund, L. Larsson & R. Soovik.