West coast music is still alive…

A New Danish Artist is releasing his own original material. The whole production, including vocal, words and music is created by Tore himself with help from some of Denmark’s best musicians, among them Jonas Krag, Lars Danielsson, Per Meilstrup, Lars DK, Anders Øhrstrøm and Mika H.P.. After many years of hard work Tore has finally succeeded in completing his CD project and releasing it from his own company, LOBO ENTERTAINMENT.

Tore was born on November 28th 1971 and brought up in a well known Danish musical family in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen. His father, the late Frands Tore Johansen was an antique dealer and former singer with the Danish Royal Opera.

His mother, Vivian Johansen, is a singer and composer, author of several children’s books and musicals. Tore is the youngest of three children and the older brother Sten is the owner of an exclusive fashion shop in Charlottenlund and to round off this talented family Tore’s big sister Gry, is a very well known singer, who in 1983 became the winner of Denmark in The Eurovision Song Contest. Soon after under the artist name ‘’Bo Andersen’’ Gry had a great career in Germany with the German singer Bernie Paul.

Ever since Tore was a little boy he was with his mother in the music studios. His siblings had already been performing and singing in her productions for a long time so for Tore it was only natural to join them on records, videos and television.

Besides being a songwriter, which resulted in a contract with EMI Music Publishing in the year 2000, Tore’s biggest passion is film, which has given him many freelance jobs in motion pictures, commercials and television. He has written four film manuscripts already and is working on two new ideas.

On his many travels to the United States Tore has made many good friends and associates in NEW YORK and L.A. among others the awesome Danish saxophone player Michael Lington, who plays on Tore’s Album, supporting the great musical quality that characterizes the whole production.

Tore found inspiration for his music from the late seventies and up through the eighties with WestCoast Rock/ Pop and R&B, and before long he will go out into the world to his many contacts, among others in the USA to market his projects.

Words and picture from the official Tore website.


I´ll Be There

Lobo Entertainment 2012

Tracks: I´ll Be There, Won´t Let You Go & Won´t Let You Go (Music Video).

Musicians on the I´ll Be There single: Claus Tore and others.

Won´t Let You Go

Lobo Entertainment 2008

Tracks: Won´t Let You Go, Won´t Let You Go (Instrumental Version) & Won´t Let You Go (Premix Version).

Musicians on the Won´t Let You Go single: Claus Tore and others.

Chapter 1#

Lobo Entertainment 2005

Tracks: You And Me, Oceans Apart, Anna (I Miss You), I Wanna Hold You Now, I Wish You Could Stay With Me, Party On Space Avenue, Come Back Home, You´re Are My Everything, You Mean The World To Me, Angel, Life Is Not The Same, Jupiter Help Me Get My Venus Back & It Used To Be Me.

Musicians on the Tore album: Claus Tore, Jonas Krag, P.M. Anders Ohrstrom, Lars DK, Michael Lington, Lars Danielsson, Mika H. Pedersen,Vicky Singh, Pernille Kehlert, Mette Dahl Trudslev, Maria Seefeldt Staehr, Nicklas Pedersen, Trine Hansson & Mike Andersen.