Excellent singer songwriter…

You have heard his awesome harmonica playin´ on many albums and you have seen him at live performances with Ambrosia, Don Henley, Michael McDonald, Jewel, Earth Wind and Fire, Seal, Al Jarreau and Kenny Loggins to name just a few. Tollak Ollestad has also been busy written material and his song “In My Life” was latest released on the livealbum with Ambrosia.

Earlier Tollak did release a promotion album thru the internet service, but now he has recorded 12 songs with help from Shem (Ambrosia), Allen Hinds (Hiroshima), Charles Fritchel (Michael McDonald), Jimmy Earl (L.A. Session Player), Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia), Michael Lington and others.

This has resulted in the album “Walk On Earth” that is soulful electic popmusic with a touch of the west coast music, which gives the album beautifully melodic and lyrical songs.

More information at the official Tollak website.


Across The Rubicon

Tollak Music 2009

Tracks: Earthshine, Into Your Silence, Walk With Me, Come Together, Brookland Street, Undertow, Somewhere Living, Midnight´s Sun, Paper Doll, Wifi Dream 27 & Home.

Musicians on the Across The Rubicon album: Tollak and others.

Walk On Earth

Boov Music BMI 2004

Tracks: Holy Days, In My Life, Northern Lights, Galahad´s Lament, Under The Sun, Lucky Day, Angel, Madeleine Why, No Way Home, Good Love, Long Way Down & Anything.

Musicians on the Walk On Earth album: Tollak, Mark Schulman, Bruce Watson, Bird York, Mark Browne, Pat Thomi, Chris Ralles, Shem, Allen Hinds, Charles Fritchel, Jon Sampson, Herman Matthews, Jimmy Earl, Chris Horvath, Tanya Anton, Julie Delgado, Alec Milstein, Michael Now, Burleigh Drummond, Leo Leblanc, Michael Lington, Debra Dobkin & Rob Allen.

Northern Lights

MP3.COM 2000

Tracks: Northern Lights, In My Life, Northern Lights, Long Way Down, No Way Home & Angel.

Musicians on the Northern Lights album: Tollak, Bruce Watson, Mark Browne, Pat Thomi, Alec Milstein, Michael Now, Michael Lington & Debra Dobkin.