Swedish melodic rock…

TITAN are a young band (average age of eighteen!) from Sweden that play a pure eighties style of high-tech AOR that also sometimes steps into pop/rock territory. STEPS is the band’s first E.P and consists of six smooth and very classy AOR tunes that will definitely set them in the right direction.

The sound of the album is reminiscent of classic AOR groups like TOTO and BAD HABIT mixed with a bit of the latter day approach taken by newer acts like H.E.A.T and WORK OF ART. The songwriting in general is excellent and these guys are wise beyond their years and have obviously done their homework on what makes this style of music so great.

For me personally the vocals of GUSTAV LARSSON are still a bit raw, but the only thing needed for this to improve is for his vocal pipes to age a bit. This is by no means at all a dig on the guy’s ability to sing, in fact he has a great base voice and his timing and phrasing are for the most part perfect. WHEN EVENING FALLS is the highlight of the E.P and when the song first starts with a great gang style vocal, you can just hear the class oozing out of these young bucks.

I can only suggest to any fans of smooth AOR music to quickly go and snap this one up now, because I feel with a couple more years of maturing we may just be looking at the next big thing. Seriously with perfect AOR tunes like WHEN EVENING FALLS, TITAN has the potential to be the next H.E.A.T or the next WORK OF ART.

Written by Zeezee. Global Mind.

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Titan Records 2009

Tracks: Hero, I Want You, When Evening Falls, Steps, Top Of Your World & One More Night.

Musicians on the Steps album: Gustav Larsson, Gustac Bergström, Christofer Björck, Simon Cop & Kristian Larsen.