Dr. Fun and the Gift…

TALC: Two people called James Knight and Nichol Thomson but they are using their Talc names, Dr. Fun and the Gift.

They started the TALC project in 2002 and have until now released two albums ”Sit Down Think” & “Licensed Premises Lifestyle” Their songs are smoothly with great arrangements and a style that give you thoughts to crossover of Steely Dan and modern pop rock.

Talc has received some great reviews in U.K. so dig into this interesting duo project.


Licensed Premises Lifestyle

Wah Wah 45s Records 2008

Tracks: Wonderbar, Sambuca Chaser, How About That Smoking Ban?, Rhyming Man, Robot´s Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2), The Out Of Work Clown, Sandra´s Song (I Felt The Care), Jukebox, Closing Time Part 1, Closing Time Part 2 & Dancing Laughing Shouting Pointing.

Musicians on the Licensed Premises Lifestyle album: Talc and others.

Sit Down Think

Wah Wah 45s Records 2006

Tracks: The 1970´s, Father Tomato, Bobby Fame, Modern Sleep Over, All At Sea, Please Please Please Me, Niteklub, Garden Of Dance, Cheese Dreams, Kings Of The Road, Memory & Dad´s Tired.

Musicians on the Sit Down Think album: Talc and others.