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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Legendary songwriter…

Jack Tempchin is the writer of legendary rock songs Peaceful Easy Feeling and Already Gone by The Eagles, Slow Dancing by Johnny Rivers, You Belong To The City and Smugglers Blues by Glenn Frey and many others.

More information about Jack Tempchin at his official website.


One More Song

Blue Elan Records 2016

Tracks: Slow Dancing, Singing In The Street, Old River, Around Midnight, Circle Ties That Bind, So Long My Friend, Still Looking For A Way To Say Goodbye, Streets Of Midnight, I Got Her Right Where She Wants Me, Song For You, Tumbleweed & One More Song.

Musicians on the One More Song album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Learning To Dance

Bluelan Records 2015

Tracks: Learning To Dance, Nothing With You, Living This Love, Love´s First Lesson, The End Of The Affair, I Volunteer, Ain´t Nobody Like You, What If We Should Fall In Love Again, You Can Go Home, Big Sky Country, Finally Found Me & Room To Run (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Learning To Dance album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Room To Run

Bluelan Records 2015

Tracks: Room To Run, Jesus And Mohammed, The High Cost Of Hate (Let´s Make Some Lawyers Rich) & Summertime Bum.

Musicians on the Room To Run album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Live At Tales From The Tavern

Tales From Tavern 2012

Tracks: The One You Love, Bender, Loneliest Piano In Town, Jazzbird, Already Gone, Lovers Like Us, Jesus And Mohammed, Amy, You Belong To The City, Slow Dancing & Peaceful Easy Feeling.

Musicians on the Live At Tales From The Tavern album: Jack Tempchin and others.


Night River Records 2007

Tracks: Out In The Desert, Something In The Image, Waiting, It Could Have Been You And Me, Ghost In The Night (Dancing In The Moonlight), Box Of Memories, Smuggler´s Blues, East Of Eden, All The Love & Couch Rider.

Musicians on the Songs album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Live On Hwy 101

Night River Records 2000

Tracks: Taking Everything Away, Sugar Daddy, Memories of You, Bender, Trust Somebody, Better World, Everybody Needs Love, Late Night TV & San Jose.

Musicians on the Live In Hwy 101 album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Lonely Midnight

Night River Records 1995

Tracks: They’re Taking Everything Away, No Way, Astronaut, Trust Somebody, Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed, Bender, Same Old Thing, Lonely Midnight, My Old Friends & San Jose.

Musicians on the Lonely Midnight album: Jack Tempchin and others.

After The Rain

Night River Records 1994

Tracks: Blue Flame, After the Rain, Streets of L.A., The Road I’m On, Slow Dancing, On the Loose, I’m Daddy Now, Just Got to Believe & Big Sky Country.

Musicians on the After The Rain album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Staying Home

Night River Records 1991

Tracks: From A Yellow Bird, She Can´t Let Go, Lover´s Moon, That Old Dog Had Soul, Party For Myself, Christmas Calling, I´m Daddy Now, Sixteens Years Of Love & My Old Friends.

Musicians on the Staying Home album: Jack Tempchin and others.

Jack Tempchin

Arista Records 1978

Tracks: Stingaree, She Belonged To You, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Fifteen Days Under The Hood, Lifetime Friend, Golden Life, Tijuana, Pick Up Truck, Skateboard Johnny & Walkaway.

Musicians on the Jack Tempchin album: Jack Tempchin, Pete Carr, Glenn Frey, Bob Wray, Gary Baker, Randy McCormick, Barry Beckett, Harvey Thompson, Eddie Struzick, Thom Flora, Jackson Browne & Jennifer Warnes.


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