A touch of west coast & new country from Denmark …

Latest the singer Ole Skovhoj joined the AOR Duo “Parber & Kerstein” to sing their song in the local final to the “European Song Contest”. They became second in this competition, just beatet by “The Olsen Brothers” (that later won the international finale).

Many people liked the voice of Ole Skovhoj and actually he did have a band earlier called “Take The Cake”.

In 1994 “Take The Cake” released the album “Bits & Pieces”, an album with music influended by the american west coast- & new country. Beside Ole Skovhoj (lead vocal, guitars) the band was: Kurt Nielsen (drums), Kent Jacobsen (bass), Soren Kaspersen (keyboards) & Jan Kaspersen (saxophone, backing vocals).

The album “Bits & Pieces” was the only release from “Take The Cake”. Today Ole Skovhoj is singing on differenct projects and Jan Kaspersen has released several soloalbums.


Bits & Pieces

X-Treme Records 1994

Tracks: Lovers´Lane, Don´t You Spread It Around, Any Girl But You, Rose, Lost Among The Shadows, I Hope, Like The Wind, Sunday Morning, Rough Street & It Takes Time.

Musicians on the Bits & Pieces album: Ole Skovhoj, Soren Kaspersen, Kurt Nielsen, Kent Jacobsen, Jan Kaspersen, Uffe Isaksen, Martin Dossing Ottosen, Ann Falden & Brian Uller.