American style…. made in Denmark

Ole Boskov and Lars Krarup, to musicians with passion for the american west coast music. Ole Boskov has several solo releases behind him and Lars Krarup is one of the studio cats and also active in bands like Backseat.

Over the years they have worked with their duo project “Soul Cowboys” and now the album is finally released. 11 songs with American roots and a passion for “real recording”.


American Style

Gateway Music 2010

Tracks: House On The Hill, Better Days, Wrong Way, Jump Into Conclusions, Beyong Redemption, American Style, Anybody Seen, How Steep, Cry Cry, Everybody Needs & One More Smoke.

Musicians on the American Style album: Ole Boskov, Lars Krarup, Helge Solberg, Lars "Mitch" Fishermann, Gry Harrit, Pia Trojgaard & Ivan Pedersen.