Danish singer-songwriter…

Denmark has always been a creative place when it comes to writing music. One of the great singer-songwriters is Soren Sebber Larsen, who was born in Copenhagen in 1966 “during the Pet-Sounds sessions”. Soren Sebber is writing his music with big inspirations from Bruce Johnston, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Webb, Thom Bell, Elton John, Stephen Bishop James Taylor, and his new release “Somewhere Down The Line” is a great collection of songs with touch of everyone of the big sing-songwriters.

At a early age Soren taught himself to play drums,guitar and keys by ear and from the recordplayer music from Stephen Bishop, Alessi, Andrew Gold gave him the inspiration and talent to write his own songs.

Beside his solocareer Soren Sebber are working as a sessionmusicians and has also playing with danish showbizz stars such as: Michael Caroe, Amin Jensen, Niels Olsen and many others. He did also produce and write material to the latest release from the female singer “Monique”

So. If you’re into great classic sing-songwriter songs, you’ll definitely should check out his album “Somewhere down the line”. Lots of falsetto, soft beautiful melodylines And lush back-up harmonies,

Soren Sebber plays almost everything on the album himself, but has got help from danish king of Accordion, Mr. Ojvind Ougaard, bass-player Nicholas Findsen (Paradox) and a trombone-solo from Anders Stigsgaard-Larsen.

The follow-up album to “Somewhere Down The Line” was set to be recorded in Nashville, TN and in the summer 2004 Soren Sebber hired studiomusician to back him up, and the sessions were recorded with Milton Sledge, Michael Bridgnardello & Dan Drugmore, all local cats that has been playin´- and recording with Dixie Chicks, Mark Knopfler, Garth Brooks, James Taylor etc.

So inspired by his own heroes like Eagles, Beach Boys, The Carpenters together with the Nashville sounds, the new album “Mexican Eyes” is finally released on the SSL Label.

Selected Discography

For All Reasons

SSL 2009

Tracks: Kathleen (My Angel Ot Alabama), Back On Business, Changes, October, Love On The Internet (Single Version), Deep In The Night, Oh Yeah All Right Okay, The Way To Your Heart, For All Reasons, Mr. Gazelle, Flowers Still In Bloom, Fundamental Needs, Jennie (Fall 1981), Rising, Seeking Comfort, Little Child & Bonus Video Mexican Eyes (for pc and multimedia).

Musicians on the For All Reasons album: Søren Sebber Larsen and others.

Vi Elsker Jer Kvinder

SSL Records 2006

Tracks: Vi Elsker Jer Kvinder.

Musicians on the Vi Elsker Jer Kvinder CD Single: Soren Sebber Larsen, Jorgen Thorup & Soren Skov.


SSL Records 2006

Tracks: Forårssang.

Musicians on the Forarssang CD Single: Soren Sebber Larsen.

Mexican Eyes

SSL Records 2004

Tracks: Keep The Lovin Around, It´s Not The Same Anymore, Bound To You, Mexican Eyes, Pleaser, These Patterns, Sailing Home, En Dajli Toes, Still On My Mind, Hey Down Yo Mr. Larsen & Howdy Y´all.

Musicians on the Mexican Eyes album: Soren Sebber Larsen, Stine Findsen, Annette Heick, Michael Caroe, Milton Sledge, Michael Bridgnardello, Dan Drugmore, Joakim Dam Thomsen, Oyvind Ougaard & Dan Hemmer.

Somewhere Down The Line

SSL Records 2002

Tracks: So Much Love, Lush And Mellow, Mexican Eyes, Jennie, Jeg Vil Aldrig Glemme, Sadness, Skat Det Er Laenge Siden, 76 Theme, Camilla, Times & Somewhere Down The Line.

Musicians on the Somewhere Down The Line album: Soren Sebber Larsen, Anders Stigsgaard, Nicholas Findsen, Oyvind Ougaard & Robby T. Turner.