Søren Sko (known as one half of Sko/Torp) and Julia Fabrin (known as a third-part Fireflies) was both working with individual upcoming solo works, when one of their friends introduced them to each other because their song writing could have something in common.

Originally the meeting was to be used for writing inspiration, but it soon developed into a new music project.

Before the meeting Julia Fabrin rehearsed several Sko/Torp songs, because the beautiful singer did not really know how she should present herself musically at the meeting, and Soren Sko was more thinking about how Julia sounded as soloist.

But at the meeting they ended up playing a lot of their own material for each other and discovered and found to their surprise that their voices had an almost perfect unison. Furthermore they discovered that they had many music references in common such as Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Cardigans and Kathleen Edwards.

After their first meeting, they recorded music and in the process the duo’s name Shoes For Julia was decided as a reference to their names.

The music on the debut album is pop music with a big inspiration from the New Country and west coast music.


Shoes For Julia

EMI Music 2012

Tracks are: Papercut, Bringing On The Heartache, I Am The Other, Coal, Hellbent, Braver, Aeroplane, Casablanca, Cross The Line, The Escape & Factory.

Musicians on the Shoes For Julia album: Soren Sko, Julia Fabrin and others.