Randall Evan “Randy” Stonehill (born March 12, 1952) is an American singer and songwriter from Stockton, California, best known as one of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music. His music is primarily folk rock in the style of James Taylor, but some of his albums have focused on new wave, pop, pop rock, roots rock, and children’s music.

Randy Stonehill was born in Stockton, California. the son of Leonard N. Stonehill and his wife, Pauline Correia and is the younger brother of Jeffrey Dean Stonehill.

He graduated from Leigh High School, in San Jose, California, then moved to Los Angeles where he stayed with Christian rock singer, Larry Norman.

Stonehill’s first album, Born Twice was released in 1971, with financial help from Pat Boone. The album—one side a live performance, the other side recorded in a studio—was recorded for a mere $US 800, and according to Stonehill, “sounds like every penny of it.”

A year later, Stonehill made his film acting debut in The Blob sequel, Beware! The Blob (also known as Son of Blob), with Cindy Williams where he performed the unreleased song “Captain Coke”. He also made a cameo appearance in the 1973 Billy Graham film Time to Run, performing his song “I Love You”.

In 1976, Stonehill released the Larry Norman-produced Welcome to Paradise, with Andy Johns doing the engineering. This became a landmark album for the songwriter and was voted the “third most important contemporary Christian album” in a mid-1980s poll of Christian music critics.

In the late 1970s, Stonehill would join forces with rock band Daniel Amos for the “Amos ‘n’ Randy Tour”. Daniel Amos would go on to be Stonehill’s band for his next two releases, and Stonehill would later provide backing vocals on a number of Daniel Amos’ projects.

1984’s Celebrate This Heartbeat teamed Stonehill with longtime friend Phil Keaggy for the song “Who Will Save The Children?” The two later formed The Keaggy/Stonehill Band in 1989 with Daniel Amos bassist Tim Chandler and The Swirling Eddies’ David Raven on drums. Keaggy and Stonehill would also team up with singer Margaret Becker, drummer Joe English (former member of Paul McCartney and Wings) and others, in 1988 for the Compassion All Star Band’s album One by One.

Selected Discography

The Wild Frontier

Myrrh Records 1986

Tracks: The Wild Frontier, Here Come The Big Guitars, The Dying Breed, Words On The Wind, What's My Line, What Do You Want From Life, Get Together, Defender, Evangeline & Hope Of Glory.

Musicians on the Wild Frontier album: Randy Stonehill, Jerry Chamberlain, Jerry McPherson, Dave Perkins, Rick Cua, Dave Perkins, Tom Howard, Rob Watson, Reese Wynans, Mike Mead, Keith Edwards, Alex MacDougall, Peter Case, Gary Chapman, Chris Harris, Tonio K. & Peter Noone.

Love Beyond Reason

Myrrh Records 1985

Tracks: I Could Never Say Goodbye, Love Beyond Reason, The Gods of Men, Bells, You're Loved Tonight, Until Your Love Broke Through, Hymn, Angry Young Men, Judgement Day & Cross That Line.

Musicians on the Love Beyond Reason album: Randy Stonehill, Milo Carter, Don Griffin, Mark Heard, Danny Jacob, Steve Wilkinson, Barry M. Kaye, Andrea Saparoff, Denver Smith, Tim Allen, David Raven, Rick Geragi, Jay Leslie, Barry Liss, Amy Grant, Bryan Duncan, Richie Furay, Tonio K., Carolyn Robin & Tata Vega.

Celebrate This Heartbeat

Myrrh Records 1984

Tracks: Overture: Celebrate This Heartbeat, Still Small Voice, Celebrate This Heartbeat, Modern Myth, Who Will Save The Children, When I Look To The Mountains, Allison, Whatcha Gonna Do About That, Stop The World & I'll Remember You.

Musicians on the Celebrate This Heartbeat album: Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Danny Jacob, Tim Chandler, Mark Heard, Tom Howard, John Mehler, Rick Geragi, Jay Leslie, Jon Clarke, Darrel Gardner, Barb Northcutt, Michael Amorosi, Phil Keaggy, Rachel Anderson, Amy Eason, David Edwards, Audrey Floyd, Dori Howard, Tonio K. & Moses Toth.


Myrrh Records 1983

Tracks: Light Of the World, Big Ideas (In The Shrinking World), Shut De Do, Even the Best Of Friends, American Fast Food, China, Cosmetic Fixation, Turning Thirty, Hide Them In Your Love & World Without Pain.

Musicians on the Equator album: Randy Stonehill, Jerry Chamberlain, Tim Chandler, Derri Daugherty, James Nicholson, Tim Chandler, Mark Cook, Tom Howard, Rob Watson, Alex MacDougall, Ed McTaggart, Tim Anderson, Doll Gallienne, Alex MacDougall, Sharon McCall, Terry Scott Taylor, Adrian Tapia, Rachel Anderson, Shannon Berry, Terry Bardford, Audrey Floyd, Jackie Gouche, Dori Howard, Jason Kinsley, Shari Larson, Beau MacDougall, Sharon McCall, Janet McTaggart, Regina Peoples, Leslie Phillips, Colleen Routh, Terry Scott Taylor & Moses Toth.

Between The Glory And The Fame

Myrrh Records 1981

Tracks: Glory And The Flame, Die Young, Fifth Avenue Breakdown, Grandfathers' Song, Find Your Way To Me, Christine, Rainbow, Givin' It Up For Love, Letter To My Family & Farther On.

Musicians on the Between The Glory And The Fame album: Randy Stonehill, Jerry Chamberlain, Tom Howard, Marty Dieckmeyer, Tom Howard, Ed McTaggart, Alex MacDougall & Ed McTaggart.

The Sky Is Falling

Solid Rock Records 1980

Tracks: One True Love, Through the Glass Darkly, Teen King, The Great American Cure, Venezuela, Counterfeit King, Jamey's Got the Blues, Bad Fruit, Emily & Trouble Coming.

Musicians on the Sky Is Falling album: Randy Stonehill, Larry Norman, Jon Linn, Bill Batstone, Dave Coy, Tom Howard, Peter Johnson, Alex MacDougall & Sara Finch.

Welcome To Paradise

Solid Rock Records 1976

Tracks: King Of Hearts, Keep Me Runnin', The Winner (High Card), Lung Cancer Puppet Strings, First Prayer, I've Got News For You, Song For Sarah, Christmas Song For All Year Round & Good News.

Musicians on the Welcome To Paradise album: Randy Stonehill, Jon Linn, The Mighty T-Bone, Larry Norman & Mark Walker.