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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Great vocal with west coast touch…

Danish singer/songwriter that have worked together with many international artists.

His debut album became a big hit in Denmark and after that Peter Smith was heading against an international career.



Kick Music 2008

Tracks: Sig Mig Hvad Du Tænker På, Det Ville Du Sige, Han Sætter Farten Ned, Nu Drejer Verden Sig Om Dig, Tag Mig Med Til Byen, En Sten På Din Vej, Jeg Var Bare 18, Mary-ann, Stakkels Lille Hjerte, Ligesom Alle Andre Gør & Venter På Dig Det Samme Sted.

Musicians on the Pop album: Peter Smith and others.

Wild Water

EMI Records 2005

Tracks: Blessing In Disquise, When Tears Run Dry, Then You Found Me, Now She Wonders, In Your Eyes, Desire, Wild Water, Did I Tell You, Thursday Night, One Track Mind & Mathilde.

Musicians on the Wild Water album: Peter Smith, Danny Schooger, Guy Pratt, Hugh Burns, Marc Fox, Chris White, Toby Pitman, Louise Griffins, Haydon, Phil Cranham, Neid Sidwell & Phil Thornalley.


Martian Records 2002

Tracks: Skibet Uden Havn, Få Det Godt Sammen, Smager Mine Kys, Alt Jeg Ville Have Sagt, Kærlighedens Disciplin, Sammen Med Dig, It´s Been So Long, You Make Me Believe, Did You Ever Leave Somebody, Whatever The Reason, Most Beautiful Girl In The World, It´s A Shame, Strange Days, Comes A Better Day, Love Of My Life, More Than I Can Take & Sammen Med Dig.

Musicians on the Mosaic album: Peter Smith and others.


Virgin Records 1997

Tracks: Falling, Whatever The Reason, Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Key To Your Life, Feel Like I´m In Heaven, Strange Days, If I Had Known, Still In Love With You, Look What You Do To Me, The Longest Goodbye, Weight Of The World & 3 More Days.

Musicians on the Elastic album: Peter Smith, Dave Smith, Steve Potts, Enerst Williamson, Michael Toles, Jack Holder, Hugh Burnes, William Brown, Bertram Brown, Jaqueline Johnson & Debbie Jamieson.


Virgin Records 1995

Tracks: Obsession, It´s Been So Long, Did You Ever Leave Somebody, More Than I Can Take, Love Of My Life, A Little Slow, It´s A Shame, Mothers Child, Comes A Better Day, Swept Away, October, Key To Love & I´ve Been Happy.

Musicians on the Together album: Peter Smith, Danny Schogger, Tony Beard, Felix Krish, Paul Carrack, Chris White, Danny Cummings, Hugh Burns, Micky Moody, Andy Caine, Katie Kissoon, Linda Taylor, Boi Holm, Mark Feltham & Graham Ward.

Kærlighedens Disciplin

Garden Records 1990

Tracks: Få Det Godt Sammen, Smager Mine Kys, Alt Jeg Ville Have Sagt, Tænker Tit På Dig, Betyde Alt For Dig, Kærlighedens Disciplin, Alt For Let, Danse Med En Anden, Sådan En Dag & Mens Hjertet Er Varmt.

Musicians on the Kærlighedens Disciplin album: Peter Smith, Finn Werwohlt, Hjortur Blöndal, Flemming Muus, Magnus Persson, Martin Brygmann, Martin Nordborg & Kaare Bjerkø.


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