The leadsinger from Chicago…

He has recorded with a lot of different artists, he is a brilliant bassplayer and vocalist. Jason Scheff became famous internationaly when he replaced Peter Cetera as the leadsinger in the legendary orchestra “Chicago”.

Now he has established himself in “Chicago” and the band has over the years become more in Jason Scheff´s style instead of the musicstyle Peter Cetera gave the band.

Beside writting material to “Chicago” and other artists, Jason Scheff released his first soloalbum in 1997. “Chauncy” is the titel and it was released in Japan on the King Records label and has also been released in US. On the album Jason Scheff has teamed up with the Keane Brothers, his soulmate from “Chicago” Bill Champlin, Luis Conte, Brandon Fields and others.

On “Chauncy” you can also listen to “Mah Jongg” which original version where going to be appeared on the famous unreleased Chicago’s album “Stone of Sisyphus” (released later by Rhino Records).



King Records 1997

Tracks: Standing Here Beside Me, If I Had A Wish, You Found The One, Mah Jongg, San Felipe, Fade To Black, Somewhere In Between Us, Stolen Years, Carry On & Chauncy.

Musicians on the Chauncy album: Jason Scheff, John Keane, Tim Pierce, Tom Keane, Aaron Zigman, Scott Frankfurt, Paul Peterson, Bill Champlin, Gary Falcone, Kenny Rankin, Moon Calhoun, Luis Conte, Brandon Fields & Richie Cannata.


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