First class songwriter with a beautiful voice…

“When you’re a superb songwriter who also possesses a flawless voice, the combination can be stunning.” 1996,  Rick Overall of the Ottawa Sun  wrote this  of Amy Sky .In the ten years since the release of her award wining, chart topping debut Cd, COOL RAIN  , Canadians  from coast to coast have discovered that Amy is a “world class voice in our own backyard”( Lori Grant- Music Director CHFI). Amy’s subsequent   releases : BURNT BY THE SUN,( 1998) PHENOMENAL WOMAN( 2001)  and WITH THIS KISS( 2003) were embraced by fans, critically acclaimed and became mainstays at  Canadian radio . Amy’s music  has garnered her Juno nominations, SOCAN awards , and East Coast, West Coast and Canadian Independent Music Awards nominations.

Through her dynamic live performances , her contributions to many charitable causes, and her eloquent and articulate media interviews, however, a portrait of a performer whose reach rises beyond mere music has emerged. Fans know Amy to be an artist  whose insight offers  illumination to their own lives. Amy’s  landscapes are the drama of  every day life: the glories and disappointments of love, the ties of family and friends,  and one’s own relationship with oneself.  Most importantly, Amy explores the quest of the human spirit to find meaning. Her writing has  been influenced by the work of Dr. Maya Angelou, whose poem PHENOMENAL WOMAN Amy set to music, and by  Joseph Campbell, whose motto “follow your bliss” is the inspiration for the song DO YOU DANCE.  Her Cds are scrapbooks filled with snapshots of life, that enrich the listener’s own  journey.

It is for this reason that the release in 2006 of a retrospective of her best loved songs of the past decade-  is called LIFE LESSONS- THE BEST OF AMY SKY . Listeners now have the opportunity to have in one collection, all of the key songs that have made Amy a profound part of their lives. Songs such as I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU and ORDINARY MIRACLES which fans say if they hear  in their car  they have to pull over to the side of the road because they are crying so hard. Songs with the spine tingling spirituality of IF MY HEART HAD WINGS and HEAVEN , the gutsy wisdom of LOVE PAIN AND THE WHOLE DAMN THING and TIL YOU LOVE SOMEBODY, and the passionate inspiration of PHENOMENAL WOMAN. The album also contains three previously unreleased tracks, including DO YOU DANCE a latin infused toe tapper whose spirited rhythms contain a powerful message about living life to it’s fullest, and WICKED GAME, a sultry rendition of  Chris Isaaks alt-country song that is the perfect showcase for Amy’s haunting vocals.

Amy is a core artist at radio, and her songs are heard daily on   adult contemporary and country radio stations across Canada. Her audience meets her through the medium of radio, but once they own a record, or most importantly have the chance to see Amy perform live, they become ardent fans , who turn to Amy’s music  for it’s inspiration and wisdom.

As a songwriter, Amy first graduated with a degree in theory and composition from the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto. She then honed her skills living in Nashville and Los Angeles, where she penned tunes for dozens of other artists including Diana Ross, Anne Murray, Aaron Neville, Heart, Cyndi Lauper, Roch Voisine and Sheena Easton . In 2005, she wrote and  produced three songs for Olivia Newton Johns cd STRONGER THAN BEFORE, a cd to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Included was a version of PHENOMENAL WOMAN, featuring Olivia and seven other female singers whose lives have been impacted by cancer, including Patti Labelle, Diahann Carroll and Beth Neilsen Chapman.

She currently lives in Toronto with husband singer- songwriter Marc Jordan, and their two children.

Words and picture from the official website.


He Sang She Sang

Cafe Productions 2022

Tracks: Free Fallin', Fallin' For You, You, Ooh Baby Baby, You Were Always On My Mind, Long Shot, Water From A Stone, Dimming Of The Day, I'll Give You Wings, God Only Knows, Can We Stay, I Have No Doubt & Baby It's Cold Outside.

Musicians on the He Sang She Sang album: Marc Jordan, Amy Sky,

Mike Rojas, Lou Pomanti, Ezra Jordan, John Jarvis, Matt Rollings, Chris Bilton, Biff Watson, Jason Fowler, Mike Francis, Shayne Fontaine, Jake Langley, Jerry McPherson, Jason Abedin, Tom Bukovac,, Anthony Vanderburgh, Jamie Oakes, Dan Dugmore, Viktor Krauss, Curtis Freeman, Liam Russell, Marc Rogers, Michael Rhodes, Joe Chemay, Paul Leim, Steve Heathcote, Lyle Molzan, Ricky Fataar, Fred Eltringham, Anne Lindsay, Wendy Solomon, Winona Zelenka, Jill Vitrols, Amy Laing, Drew Jurecka, John Johnson, Tony Carlucci, The Blind Rabbis Of Rosedale & Zoe Sky Jordan.

The Lights Of December

Cafe Records 2008

Tracks: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, The Lights of December, O Come Emmanuel, (Your Love) The Greatest Gift of All, Silent Night, O Holy Night, Angels In The Snow, Let it Snow, A Mother's Christmas Wish, Let It Shine, Instrument of Peace & That's What Christmas Means.

Musicians on the Life Lesson album: Amy Sky, Marc Jordan, Cody Karey, Mark Masri, Jim Brickman, Roch Voisine, Olivia Newton John, Tyler Hamilton and others.

Life Lesson

Cafe Records 2006

Tracks: Wicked Game, Don't Leave Me Alone, Love Pain and The Whole Damn Thing, If My Heart Had Wings, Til You Love Somebody, Heaven (Opened Up It's Doors), I Will Take Care Of You, Ordinary Miracles, I Believe In Us, Do You Dance , A Walk On The Moon, Touch, More Than Life Itself, Angel In The Wings, Phenomenal Woman & Everything Love Is.

Musicians on the Life Lesson album: Amy Sky and others.

With This Kiss

Cafe Records 2003

Tracks: Love Never Fails, The Way You Look Tonight, More Than Life Itself, Tonight I Celebrate My Love, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life, With This Kiss, Everything Love Is, We´ve Only Just Begun, A Walk On The Moon, The Twelfth Of Never, Love Me Tender & I Will Take Care Of You (Acoustic Version).

Musicians on the With This Kiss album: Amy Sky, Jim Brickman, John Sheard, Mark Lalama, Colin Barrett, Mark Kelso, Virginia Markson, John Johnson, Mel Berman, Christian Sharpe, Guido Basso, Paul Widner, Carlos Morgan, Marc Jordan, Rob Piltch, Randy Cooke, Alannah Bridgewater, Mike Ferfolia, Anthony Vanderburgh, Drew Briston, Creighton Doane, Brent Barkman, Mike Francis, Tony Raymond, John Lehmkuhl, Paul Leim, Jimmy Sloas, Fred Knobloch, Michael Severs, Jonathan Yudkin, Gary Prim, Dane Bryant, Bruce Bouton, Peter Coulman & Zoe Jordan.

Phenomenal Woman

Vik Recordings 2001

Tracks: Phenomenal Woman, Come Into My Garden, Touch, Under The Influence, Everywhere, Illunimata, Celebration, When The Morning Comes, Angel Baby, When Did Goodbye Get So Easy, Love Yourself, I Believe In Us & For You For Me Forever.

Musicians on the Phenomenal Woman album: Amy Sky, Kim Bullard, Tim Pierce, Stuart Mathis, Abraham Laboriel, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tuku Matthews, Georg Koller, Cece Bullard, Steven Mackinnon, Anthony Vanderburgh, Colin Barrett, Randy Cooke, Daniel Freiberg, Mitchell Stein, Frank Centeno, Mark Walker, Bruce Gaitsch, Erika Duke, Cameron Greider, Jimmy Zhivago, Cuong Vu, Frank Vilardi, Joy Askew, Marc Jordan, Richard Page, Louis Price, Natalie MacMaster, Pat O´Gorman, Angelique Kidjo, Mark Kelso, Paul Pasmore, Dave Pickell, Robbie Steininger, Miles Hill, Dee Daniels, Corey D., Tania Hancheroff & Henri Lorieau.

Burnt By The Sun

Cafe Records 1998

Tracks: Love Pain And The Whole Damn Thing, Waterfall, Heaven, Ordinary Miracles, Soul On Soul, Please Myself, Burnt By The Sun, Bitter End, First Light, If You Could See Yourself, Forgiveness, Passengers & Love You Always.

Musicians on the Burnt By The Sun album: Amy Sky, Anthony Vanderburgh, Matthew Gerrard, Mark Kelso, Tom Cochrane, Chris McNeill, Rick Lazar, Steven MacKinnon, Bill Bell, Steve Webster, Randy Cooke, David Pickell, David Sinclair, Randall Stoll, Marc Jordan, John Capek, Dave Gray, Jason Fowler, Kevan Mackenzie, Tuku Matthews, Thomas Wade, Bruce Gaitsch, George Hawkins Jr., Billy Ward, Dennis Matkosky, Phillippe Dunnigan, Francois Pilon, Christiane Lampron, Annie Gadbois, Ken Greer, Ian Rodness, Gary Breit & Marc Lalama.

Cool Rain

Cafe Records 1996

Tracks: Don´t Leave Me Alone, If My Heart Had Wings, Til You Love Somebody, I Will Take Care Of You, Wall Against The Water, Cool Rain, Colorado, Everything, Run Away, Unbreakable Heart, Soledad & Til Tomorrow.

Musicians on the Cool Rain album: Amy Sky, Bruce Gaitsch, Anthony Vanderburgh, Colin Linden, Greg Leisz, Ken Greer, Jennifer Condos, Colin Barrett, Mark T. Jordan, David Pickell, Billy Ward, Mark Kelso, Chris McNeil, Debra Dobkin, Marc Jordan, Janey Clewer, Harry Bowen, Sweetpea Atkinson, Richard Marx, Rick Sailon, David Boruff, Berj Garabedian, Larry Fischer, Tollak Ollestad & Jeff Hull.