Made in Italy…

Alan Sorrenti (born Naples, December 9, 1950) is an Italian singer and composer. His mother was Welsh, and he was raised in Aberystwyth, Wales for much of his childhood.

Sorrenti’s career began in the early 1970s. He released his first album, Aria in 1972, followed by Come un vecchio incensiere all’alba di un villaggio deserto (1973), both heavily consisting of progressive rock and experimental tracks.

In 1976, Alan Sorrenti shifted genre and released tracks more reminiscent of the dance genre. In late 1979 he scored a major European hit with the single “Tu Sei L’Unica Donna Per Me”, since then covered in a number of different languages. Alan Sorrenti released his last album in 1992.

Alan represented Italy in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Non so che darei”. He finished sixth in the contest but the track became one of that year’s bestselling entries in Continental Europe and Scandinavia after the winner Johnny Logan’s “What’s Another Year”.

In 2006, Sorrenti participated in the festival O’ Scià on the Lampedusa island.

Alan’s younger sister Jenny Sorrenti is also a recording artist and has released many albums with her folk-rock band Saint Just.

Selected Discography

I Successi Di

D.V. More Records 1999

Tracks: Figli Delle Stelle, Tu Sei Un'aquila E Vai, Sienteme, Dicitencello Vuje, Donna Luna, Non Se Che Darei, Le Tue Radici, Mostrami L´Anima, Gelida, Io Non Sono Piu´Lo Steso Donna Luna & Donna Luna.

Musicians on the I Successi Di album: Alan Sorrenti and others.

L.A. & N.Y.

EMI Records 1979

Tracks: Tu Sel L'unica Donna Per Me, Per Sepre Tu, Dancing In My Heart, Provaci, Look Out, Take A Chance & Love Fever.

Musicians on the L.A. & N.Y. album: Alan Sorrenti, Jay Graydon, Hiram Bullock, Cliff Morris, Jai Winding, Richard Trifan, Mike Porcaro, Will Lee, Ed Greene, Richard Crooks, Victor Feldman, Sammy Figueroa, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Joe Shepley, Marvin Stamm, Bill Reichenbach, Barry Rogers, Ronnie Cuber, David Tofani, Bill Champlin, Steve Kipner, Bobby Kimball, Gordon Grody, Diva Gray & Lani Groves.

Figli Delle Stelle

EMI Records 1977

Tracks: Figli Delle Stelle, Donna Luna, Passione, Notte Di Stelle, E Tu Mi Porti Via, Un Incontro In Ascensore, C'è Sempre Musica Nell'aria & Tu Sei Un'aquila E Vai.

Musicians on the Figli Delle Stelle album: Alan Sorrenti, Jay Graydon, Nicola Di Stasio, David Foster, Ed Greene, Walter Martino, David Hungate, Dino Cappa, Steve Forman, Antonio Carlos Sylva, Quitman Denis, Jolanda, Monna Lisa, Marilou, Judith, Francoise, Naimy & Lella.

Sientieme, It´s Time To Land

EMI Records 1976

Tracks: Alba, The Prisoner And The Dancer, Island Queen, Sienteme, Try To Imagine, Seagull Song, Sliding On The Wire, Listen & Your Love Is Magic.

Musicians on the Sientieme, It´s Time To Land album: Alan Sorrenti, Jeff Neighbor, Mike Howlett, Steve Mitchell, John Lingwood, Bobbye Hall, Kent Middleton, Larry Blackshere, David Kahne, Gianni Leone, Mike Deacon, Corrado Rustici, Roger Voudouris, Mike Buetra, Bob True, Al Bent, Maxine Waters, Alex Waters & Julia Waters.