A singer with a big voice…

Stig Rossen is one of the most famous actors in Denmark. He is educated in London at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. In the 90´s Stig Rossen has had a big breakthru in England where he has had one of the leading roles in Les Miserables as Jean Valjean. With this he has beeb travelin´ around the world and he has played the role more than 1400 time in 7 different countries

Beside the talents as an actor, Stig Rossen has an tremendous voice and he has recording many albums in the musical- and gospel area.

In 1997 Stig Rossen recorded and released the album “Letters Of Love”. With this Stig Rossen showed that he also had the ability to create a good international album with touch of pop and west coast music. “Letters Of Love” is recorded in US and features Dee Dee Bridgewater, Amy Sky, Neil Stubenhaus, Simon Phillips, Michael Thompson, Larry Williams and more.

With “Letters Of Love” he has created a good album with mood in the songs that shows his talent and it is his breakthru into a music area where he hasn´t been before.

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Universal Music 2000

Tracks: Longer, The Lady In Red, Just When I Needed You Most, Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, From A Distance, She's Always A Woman, Hear Me In The Harmony, Only Love, You're My World, The Last Farewell, Ending Of A Song & At This Moment.

Musicians on the Stories album: Stig Rossen and others.

Letters Of Love

Polygram Records 1997

Tracks: There Will Always Be A Place, Miracle, Baby Don´t You Break My Heart Slow, After The Rain, We Can Find A Way Together, Private Emotion, The Night Just Walk In, Where You´re Running Out Of Love, Only The Heart Knows, As & She´s Out Of My Life.

Musicians on the Letters Of Love album: Stig Rossen, Amy Sky, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chris Parks, Joyce Imbesi, Erik Hanson, Neil Stubenhaus, Simon Phillips, Terri Lyne Carrington, Michael Thompson, Larry Williams, Darryl Munyungo Jackson, Patrice Rushen, Jay Rowe, Kenya Hathaway, Camille Henry, B.J. Nelson & Armsted Christian.

Kærlighed Og Alt Det Der

Pineapple Records 1988

Tracks: JO JO JO, Vi Er Lykkelige, Lige Meget Hvad Vi Gør, En Rigtig Mand, Kærlighed Og Alt Det Der, Jeg Er Sikker Nu, Rampelyset, Her Og Nu, Vi Danser Rock Og Rul & Farvel.

Musicians on the Kærlighed Og Alt Det Der album: Stig Rossen, Morten Munch, Tommy Rasmussen, Steen Boel, Carsten Kolster, Palle Munch, Jan Kaspersen, Michael Nørgård, Pia Christensen, Tine Bjerregård, Lone Christensen, Ania Sandig, Anders Tind & Peter Stub.