PromomainSwedish West Coast band…

Promotion began as a 8 piece rock funk group in 1984. In the beginning the name of the group was Mark 5. Four horns, drums, guitar, keyboards and bass.

Peter Sundell was the lead singer and played the guitar. Anders Rydholm played the bass, Hakan Malberg played alto saxophone and Joackim Wickstrom was the lead trumpet player.

In 1986 the band changed into a five piece rock band and took the name Promotion. Peters younger brother Christian Sundell joined at the drums and Per Svensson at the keyboards. The band has since then had a lot of constellations, sometimes with hornsection and sometimes without. But its always been the same people who had come and go. Three people have been with group all the time since 1986: Peter Sundell, Anders Rydholm and Christian Sundell.

In 1995 the bassplayer Anders Rydholm built his own studio and this was a big turning point for Promotion. With this they had all opportunities to record as much as we wanted. This leaded them to their first album debut.

The first record was released in December 1997 titled “Not for sale released” on Promotions own label.

One year later, in december 1998, it was followed up by the next record “Yeah Yeah”, also released on their own label. Now Promotion are working on the next record project and with this try to get the world to know more about Scandinavian West Coast- and A.O.R. music.

In 2001 Promotion changed their name to Grand Illusion and took a direction towards more AOR style.


Yeah Yeah

Godispåscen AB Sweden 1998

Tracks: The Hunter and The Fox, Conscience Calling, All The Best Ones Are Taken, My Daughter's Eyes, Heaven Must Be A Place Somewhere, Premonition, She Bitch, He Bitch, Change In The Weather, Man-made Thing, Yeah, Yeah & Glad To See You Go.

Musicians on the Yeah Yeah album: Peter Sundell, Anders Rydholm, Christian Sundell, Ola Karlsson, Per Svensson, Joackim Wickstrom, Hakan Makmberg, Robert Vadadi, Johan Sahlberg & Janne Klep.

Not For Sale

Godispåscen AB Sweden 1997

Tracks: One In A Million, Wanted Dead Or Alive, After All, On My Own, Higher Love, Make A Turn, Pack Of Lies, Rollercoaster Ride, Nothing For Granted & Tomorrow.

Musicians on the Not For Sale album: Peter Sundell, Anders Rydholm, Christian Sundell, Ola Karlsson, Per Svensson, Joackim Wickstrom, Hakan Malmberg and others.