“Who´s who” of AOR and west coast musicians got together and released one album under the name “Private Eye”.


Private Eye

Desperado Records 1990

Tracks: So Suspicius, Addicted To You, Bakersfield Blues, Face Down Loser, Final Call, If This Is Love, New York Skyline, Second City, Still Waters & After The Fire.

Musicians on the Private Eye album: Micke "Nord" Andersson, Sigurd Köhn, Einar "Wallen" Mjaaland, Bruce Rasmussen, Per Kolstad, Jens Petter Antonsen, Morten Halle, Torbjörn Sunde, Arne Frang, Katie Kissoon, Beverly Skeete, Håkon Iversen, Sigvart Dagsland & Frank Ådahl.