Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and Roger Guth formed the group PM. The band was signed to Warner Bros and their debut album released in 1988 gave them a Top 10 hit with the song “Piece Of Paradise”.

With PM they released 3 albums and previously in 1985 they had an album out under the name “Left Lane”.

The three band members was introduced by producer Elliot Scheiner to Jimmy Buffett in 1988 and all were featured on the album “Off To See The Lizard” and in 1989 they all joined Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band.


Live from the Last Island

Little Flock Music 2013

Tracks: Blue Guitar, Last Island, Piece Of Paradise, Romeo's Garage, Cool Blue Swing, BB's Got The Blues, A Little Too Happy, Color Of The Sun, Come Together, Elizabeth, In The Meantime, India, Chain Of Love, Faith In Angels & Suzannah.

Musicians on the Live from the Last Island album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, R. Scott Bryan, Chris Walters, Maggie Estes White, Brendan Mayer and others.

Red Wine & Lemonade

Shadow Records 1995

Tracks: Love Is The Right Thing, Red Wine & Lemonade, Last Train To Eden, The End, India, My Intuition II, I Need Life, Liberty Lies, Legend Of The Faithful Man, Blue Sky Rider & Follow Me.

Musicians on the Red Wine & Lemonade album: Peter Mayer, Roger Guth & Jim Mayer.

Street Of Dreams

Shadow Records 1993

Tracks: Wind On The Water, Right Time To Tremble, Tender Moments, River City Sunday, My Intuition, Love Blue, Nothing To Lose, Restless, Between Love, Bang! Bang! Bang!, Street Of Dreams, Sister Annie, Kiss And Tell, Cowboys And Indians & Roses In The Rain.

Musicians on the Street Of Dreams album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer & Roger Guth.


Warner Bros 1988

Tracks: Piece Of Paradise, Say It Again, Moonlight Over Paris, Nothing, Somebody´s Gonna Cry, Grown Men, The Wanting, On The Corner, When First We Were Lovers, Boy Meets Girl, Love Is A Stranger & I Live In A Hole.

Musicians on the PM album: Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Roger Guth, Jay Oliver, Sheryl Crow & Lynn Fiddmont.

In Common

Sisson Records 1985

Tracks: To And From, Garden Wall, In Common, New Sun, Alfred´s Book One, Is It Really & The Wanderer.

Musicians on the In Common album: Peter Mayer and others.